Also Tolkien in the list of the “damned” compiled by the Woke ideology

Certainly JRR Tolkien could not be missing from the list of the damned compiled by the Woke pseudoculture. The great British writer and philologist, who became famous for having written the saga of "The Lord of the Rings" , still very popular, also risks symbolic beheading. Which is equivalent, since he passed away in 1973, to the banning of his works. Unless, as I will say shortly, they are not adequately "purged" and made compatible with the basic criteria of politically correct .

Wokism , or "woke ideology", is a pseudo-cultural phenomenon that takes its name from the adjective woke which literally means "awake". At the same time, the noun wokeness has also taken hold, which is usually freely translated with the expression "do not let your guard down". But don't let your guard down in front of whom, please?

According to the promoters and lovers of the phenomenon, it is always necessary to stay awake and alert in the face of real or presumed social injustices. However, the most original feature of this "current of thought" (do we want to call it that?) Is the fact that it regards the past even more than the present. In other words, we go to look for the characters who in more or less distant times have violated the rules of contemporary wokism and the damnatio memoriae is applied to them.

Writers, philosophers, politicians, scientists and so on, no matter when they lived, must be erased from the collective memory to make society pure and civil again. Some of them – the less serious cases – can escape destruction if some diligent wokism enthusiast generously takes on the task of cleansing their texts of all the imperfections that make them unworthy not only to be read, but also to be kept in public libraries. To the private ones – hopefully – the wokists will not have access, even if you can never tell.

So what had Tolkien done that was so serious? We note first of all that he was a conservative Catholic, often referred to as a "reactionary" in no uncertain terms. All this despite not having the slightest sympathy for the great totalitarian doctrines of his time: fascism, Nazism and Stalinism.

The world narrated by the British writer is obviously a fantasy universe. The eternal struggle between Good and Evil takes place there, but places and characters do not belong at all to the concrete world in which we all live. What, then, could the champions of the woke pseudoculture come up with? The orcs, horrendous creatures at the service of the forces of Evil, indeed real storm troops used by them in every battle, according to the wokists would be victims of a racist representation (sic).

Basically, it seems to understand, while being in the service of the wicked they should have been described as beautiful, good and kind. Furthermore, there is no sign of a culture linked to gender between orcs and hobbits and this, according to the vulgata woke , is a mortal sin. Someone also spoke of a lack of female presence in the pages of the saga. Surprising, if you just think of the numerous women present. Just remember the elven princess (or half-elf) Arwen Undomiel.

All specious pretexts, as is understood all too well. Lovers of woke pseudoculture do not care that Tolkien's is a fictional universe. Rather, what counts for them is the fact that the writer's pages contain a representation of the world antithetical to the woke one, not at all politically correct, and therefore to be canceled.

As I said earlier, it is hoped that in the future they will let us read his books in peace in our private libraries. And let some extremist woke not think of the idea of ​​burning Tolkien's works in public pyres, as the Nazis used to do when they came to power in Hitler Germany. However, it should be noted that this type of pseudo-culture is becoming dominant in many American and British universities, which induces a certain pessimism.

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