Bringing production and supply chains back to the West: the only answer to the challenge of China and Russia

We receive and gladly publish this speech by the Hon. Antonio Zennaro, member of the League

The West must bring back factories and production chains if it really wants to be strong in the new international context

These are hectic days at a geopolitical and diplomatic level, the invasion of Ukraine by Putin's Russia has set in motion a whole series of repositioning between nations, still difficult to fully decipher.

Europe has squared off on the line of Biden and NATO and is preparing for every possible scenario, even if the analysis of why Putin has chosen precisely this historic moment to start his invasion of Ukraine seems almost non-existent.

Much of the left-wing intelligentsia has simplified everything by labeling the Russian president as "crazy and inexperienced, nationalist", and interpreting his every choice as irrational and illogical, but little has been investigated on the real intentions of the Kremlin leader. The strategy of the West would seem to cover up the Russian contingent in quarter-by-quarter battles thanks to the great determination of the Ukrainian resistance, supplied with NATO war material, continue the escalation of economic sanctions against Moscow and hope for a regime change by the deep state Russian, with the support of the oligarchs.

In the meantime, the main Western elites, as if nothing had changed in the international scenario, are pursuing an agenda made up of green conversion, the fight against private property and economies based on services, especially technological ones, to the detriment of industrial complexes with high energy consumption. and important use of manpower.

At the diplomatic level there is talk of a new "Iron Curtain", as we were in the 1980s, but, alas, these analyzes have major gaps. Let's leave out Putin's "madness" option for a moment: most likely the invasion of Ukraine had been planned well in advance, as well as the response to Western sanctions envisaged in various scenarios (some would define them as chess players and most likely a "Game theory" on the economic field).

It is reasonable to think that Putin has decided to implement this "military operation" precisely at a historical moment in which the West, and especially Europe, has proved weak from many points of view: the management of the pandemic which has greatly weakened systems economic and health care, wreaking havoc on large sections of the population; the exposure of a large part of European industry to production and supply chains in Eastern countries, primarily China, but also Eastern Europe. If we then consider the Biden administration's handling of the Afghanistan dossier, we can well understand why the Kremlin has chosen this moment.

The Western left (currently the one that holds power in most countries) thinks it is responding to Russian counter-moves in the economic sphere with more socialism, "ideological" responses such as "let's turn down the thermostat", "the food emergency will be real", " you will have nothing and you will be happy ”, in short, with a great propaganda operation to involve public opinion in the struggle towards the“ new iron curtain ”.

But this strategy has major limitations and can only fail. Today, unlike the 1980s, most of the production chains of Western companies are located between the East and the BRICS countries, which seem to have a wavering and equidistant attitude in the story of the war in Ukraine. As to why we are so exposed to foreign countries we must "thank" the globalizers at Prodi, who over the decades have favored the relocation of factories out of Europe and now go to pontificate on television, saying that we are too dependent on abroad .

If we really want to give an effective medium-long term response to Russian aggression, which is nothing more than the desire to create a new multipolar order in which China becomes the world's first economic hub, replacing the US, a strong response is needed. from an economic point of view. That is the opposite of what they have been propagating for years: we need to return to production in Europe, work for energy sovereignty strategies (such as nuclear power) and with large investments, to allow companies to defend jobs and thus guarantee peace. social. We could translate the old saying strong economy equals strong government, with a strong West equals lasting peace. And we will badly need it in the next few years.

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