Did we look for it? If we believe it is the fault of the cartoons, then we have already lost freedom of expression

I have always envied all those who know how to draw, when the good Lord distributed this talent I probably had mumps. If I had managed to hold a pencil in my hand instead of writing long articles I would have been a cartoonist, those for which I feel a lot of envy, those who with a drawing express more arguments than those that I can highlight with five thousand lines, c'est the way , that's the way the world goes.

Of course, to be a cartoonist, in addition to knowing how to draw, you must have the spirit of the free thinker, you must be free to ridicule and mock the powerful on duty, those who would like to force people to live as they want, according to increasingly restrictive rules by incensing them of religious sacredness, love of country or whatever is useful to put the ox people inside the enclosure and make meat for slaughter. But you know, also said 'Pasquino' the talking statue, that when you clash with the people you always bang your snout.

And who is behind the popular discontent? Almost always the cartoonists, the heirs of the court jesters, the only ones authorized to make fun of the sovereign knowing that they would get away with that unwritten rule that gave them impunity no matter what they said … and the King, just he had to laugh even though he was taken by the butt.

After that of Samuel Paty, the professor who wanted to explain freedom of expression to those who don't even know what freedom is, this morning in France, inside the Cathedral of Nice, two more heads jumped, while a third person died bled to death from the many stab wounds he had all over his body. And what do I read in the comments? That the fault lies with the Charlie Hedbo cartoonists who mocked His Majesty Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who after the maneuvered coup became the new emperor of the Ottoman Empire work in progress .

The thing that leaves you stunned is that according to some the blame for these deaths lies with the cartoonists who have not regulated themselves, that is limited, that is, they have not limited their freedom of expression and, lese majesty, have taken the piss out of the powerful on duty. Powerful who then accused all of Europe and launched, the words he used leave no doubt, a campaign of hatred against the West.
We have arrived at this, in the name of politically correct, of we are all brothers, of "volemose bene", of Black Lives Matter and so on and so forth, the fault of the attacks is ours, of Westerners, who do not know how to keep us from use of the freedom that belongs to us culturally, of the freedom to send to shit whoever we like when we like, because this freedom is part of our DNA as free men. If we then send the wrong person to hell and cut off someone's head, our mea culpa becomes the minimum wage.

Fortunately, I was born a Jewish into a Jewish family and was educated as such, because if I had torn off a head for every time I was insulted as a Jew, I would have filled three graveyards and collected enough 'balls' to open a bowling alley . The point is that too many people are touring in Europe ready to take their own hands to justice, too many people are touring in Europe who, instead of responding to the laws of the state, or of the states that host them, have imported the law of the jungle into the old continent.

For these people it is too difficult to understand that if there is something that offends, it takes legal action, bringing the designer, his director and if he also serves the publisher to court. Then, having recognized the offense, they raise a lot of pennies from the aforementioned which are always handy. No, they prefer to cut off the heads of both those responsible for the 'offenses' and those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the end, don't forget, it is always ours that we have offended them.

Talking with the head-cutters is not possible, but we can prove to those who, Westerners, agree with them openly or subliminally, explaining that the cartoon with Erdogan discovering two buttocks is the daughter of the beheading of Samuel Paty who explained to his students the meaning of freedom, she is the daughter of the Bataclan attack and the massacre on the Nice seafront, she is the daughter of the killings in the editorial office of Charlie Hedbo himself.

Is it so difficult to understand that defending these killers, systematically making them pass for mad, not even that Islamic madness is able to spread faster than Covid-19 , is a sign of how weak and decadent we are? I repeat myself: decent people would have sued the editorial staff, the director and the publisher for a few million euros, and would not have taken off heads like at the slaughterhouse.

So I ask myself: is the blame for what happens in France, but which could soon spread throughout Europe, to cartoons or to the medieval mentality of certain communities? When Charlie Hebdo published the cartoon with the sodomy between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, did you see angry Christians walking around the streets stabbing people? What would happen to this poor world of ours if Christians and Jews also began to behead people every time Christianity and Judaism are made fun of? Between jokes and jokes not one would remain alive. As a Highlander , only one will remain.

And then where is the offense? In the buttocks on display? A nice B-side in my part has never hurt anyone, the beaches of Tel Aviv, fortunately, are full of thong B-sides and believe me, we will fight to the last man to always have them on display and well thong. Even a thong between two nice buttocks is a symbol of freedom.

The latest cartoon, however, ridiculed Erdogan not Islam. Unless Erdogan has become a prophet, I don't see insults to religion, but a heavy pissing on a politician, which is part of freedom of expression. In any case, three people beheaded within a few days of each other should make us think of something more serious than a simple cartoon which, among other things, is much less incisive than others published by the same magazine, where God, the Christian and Jewish religions were systematically targeted. If taking the piss out of Erdogan means bringing out the nature of many Muslims, I said many, not all, and of the medieval mentality that characterizes them, cartoons are welcome.

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