Draghi puts the pro-Chinese in the corner, Italy returns “Atlantic”

From the G7 in Cornwall, and from the NATO summit, thanks to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Italy rediscovers its historic position alongside the United States and within the European Union, after the pro-Chinese disbandment with former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the 5 Stars. As is well known, the Grillini would like to establish privileged relations with the Beijing regime, above all by the will of their founder Beppe Grillo and other exponents of the Movement, such as Di Stefano and Petrocelli. But also some sectors of the government left, which have D'Alema, Bersani and Prodi as references, look to Beijing. However, with the advent of the former governor of the ECB at Palazzo Chigi, these resolutions have been put in a corner. A course correction that allows us to remember the words of President Berlusconi, who, years ago, had anticipated the danger of China, with its unfair competition and its expansionist aims.

The pro-Chinese drift of Italian foreign policy reached a climax with the signing by the Conte government of the Memorandum of Understanding on the "New Silk Road", which Prime Minister Draghi made known in recent days that he wanted to "review".

Not happy with the embarrassing visit to the Chinese embassy on the same day as the G7, Beppe Grillo relaunched on his blog an article by Professor Andrea Zhok, who describes the G7 as an "ideological parade" to "shoot the enemy in the guise of Russia and China ”, thus reaffirming the intention to pursue a pro-Chinese policy through the Movement, now led by former Prime Minister Conte.

In reality, as we said, Grillo is not the only one who wants an Italy closer to China than to the United States. Another prominent personality of the left, the former premier Massimo D'Alema, gave an interview to the New China TV broadcaster on the occasion of the celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, underlining his "great merit historical ”in guaranteeing China“ modernity and progress ”. The former premier is also honorary president of the Silk Road Cities Alliance association of the Beijing government, which in turn controls the company from which the Civil Protection, at the behest of the Conte government, bought fans and masks, the Silk Road Global Information Limited. . A clear conflict of interest.

It is up to Prime Minister Draghi now to marginalize the pro-Chinese tendencies of a not insignificant part of his majority and to stabilize Italy alongside the United States in comparison with Beijing.

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