In praise of the slap in the face of Macron: a desecrating gesture towards the ‘sovereign’, emblematic of popular exasperation

A slap in the face of power. Here, stripped of all the hypocrisies of politically correct and one-way goodness, how can we define what happened the day before yesterday to Macron. The French president was visiting the Drome department, in the south-east of the country, as part of his so-called "Tour of the territories" in view of the nearby electoral campaign for the presidential elections. In the video images of the episode, Macron is seen approaching the barriers that separate him from the small crowd hoping to receive applause, and instead a protester awaits him shouting "A bas la Macronie!" he grabs him by the arm and slaps him across the face. The man is immediately arrested and now he will pay the right price for his gesture.

Of course now it is all an anthology of condemnations, the execration of violence, alarms against the impending danger. None of this, the slap in the face of Macron was a political gesture, albeit deplorable, in a certain sense courageous and liberating. Do I cause scandal to say this? Well, it's time to get out of the stale stupor of do-gooders and start talking clearly. It was not an attack, no weapons were used and there was no intention of harming anyone (as Macron himself later specified, saying that it did not harm him). But the symbolism of the gesture is strong: a desecrating act towards the man who embodies all the elites, the highest expression of power in the country. The Rothschild banker who made himself sovereign of France with all possible (and unimaginable) support from the establishment and the mainstream press. It was also a straightforward and liberating gesture towards all the hypocrisy, rhetoric and lies that the constituted power tears us up every day.

What other possibilities of protest does an ordinary citizen have today who had to suffer the impoverishment and deprivation of personal freedoms, unilaterally and at the discretion established by Macron in France? We rightly complain about the Italian restrictive measures, but the French cousins ​​have been under curfew since 6 pm all winter. And even now, which is now summer, the curfew is at 9pm, as anyone following the prestigious Roland Garros tennis tournament in Paris can see these days. The evening matches are played without an audience for this very reason. I don't know what are the reasons that pushed the slapper but, in any case, what tools does a French (or an Italian) have to protest today? Demonstrations are basically forbidden for gatherings, voting every five years (assuming it still serves any purpose) is too little when they deprive you of the most elementary political freedoms as has happened in the last year and a half. Public power has shown itself to be authoritarian, free-killing and police. So, they expect at least a harmless slap in the face from the oppressed and exasperated people. In the code of chivalry, when you want to challenge someone to a duel, you throw the glove to symbolize a blow, a slap. Having received the glove, a symbol of the challenge as it represented the most important protection for the hand that wielded the weapon, very valid justifications had to be presented to withdraw. On pain of the most dishonorable accusation, infamy. In ancient times, a slap given physically or pronounced only in words ( consider yourself slapped ), meant precisely a challenge to a duel.

Here, Macron and all the powerful in the world know that there is still someone who, bare-handed and aware of the troubles that will have to go through as a result of his gesture, challenges them and faces them openly. From man to man, it would have been said once before that "gender fluidity", and politically correct , overwhelmed us all.

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