In the race for EU vaccines not received, he reveals all his hypocrisy. And in Italy it is stalled

Speaking of what kind of people represent us in Europe, the other evening on ReteQuattro , by Palombelli, a European deputy of the Democratic Party insisted repeatedly, brandishing her mobile phone as proof, that the EU would have invested 2,000 billion in research on vaccines, a monstrous figure for the size, which in itself denounced an abysmal ignorance about the Union's revenues for 2020, around 150 billion. The truth is that our friend had simply multiplied by a thousand the actual expenditure, equal to two billion, however minimal compared to what should have been invested, absolutely not comparable to the spending of the Trump administration, which should be credited with having promoted. and encouraged the US Big Pharma , which, at the end of a spectacular race, have launched three extremely effective vaccines to date.

It certainly does us no honor that the Union has been completely absent in this race, while China, Russia, the reprobate Great Britain itself – which, after Brexit , should have been overwhelmed by the arrogance of wanting to walk alone – boast their good vaccines; absent and totally dependent, with even the painful slowness in the authorization procedure by the European Medicines Agency (Ema), to which the consolidated bureaucratic structure conferred a discretionary power experienced and smuggled as an authority that cannot be influenced in the least by politics. But the lesson of the facts has shown that this independence was not true at all, so much so that when the impatience of politics for the trailing of the procedure with the excuse of maximum security reached its peak, the same Agency suddenly discovered that it could accelerate, with an approval destined to appear all the more superfluous the more obvious, given the use of those vaccines under examination on a global scale.

Forced to think for itself, the EU has revealed all the hypocrisy of the much-vaunted solidarity, so as to make its policy of "Europeans first" its own, while caressing the idea of ​​a blocking of exports of vaccines produced in the Union , both rejecting the suggestion of the populist and sovereign Johnson to reserve 5 percent of the entire vaccine availability for underdeveloped countries. Yes, the British premier could afford it, given that AstraZeneca was at home and the vaccination campaign proceeded in forced stages, bringing Britain to the top for the percentage of people reached out of the population.

Only that this rediscovery of European vaccination sovereignty is not capable of keeping the individual nations that are part of it at bay, given that it is based on a shortage of vaccines, at least in part due to the total technical inability to negotiate with Big Pharma , where in a few words, the promised supply was entrusted to their good will, with all due respect to our credibility, since the person in charge would have been an Italian with a degree in languages. The European nations are starting to go their own way, despite the obsessive reassurance coming from Brussels that by the summer the whole European population will be vaccinated, so as to have sweet eyes at Sputnik ; but, above all, they begin to take charge of what the EU is unable to achieve through coordination, i.e. of the future, to achieve vaccination independence capable of coping with variants, such as Austria and Denmark, to which Norway must be added. even outside the Union, they intend to team up with Israel.

Italy is in a stalemate, partly due to a lack of supplies, partly due to organizational deficiencies, which from the center have radiated into the regions, giving rise to a true Balkanization, which also completely affects the “virtuous” regions. In the lead, coupled despite the different political coloring, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, which accompany a virulent third wave with a conspicuous shortage in the vaccination campaign. No surprise for Lombardy, accused and condemned without appeal for the lack of local health care, but what about Emilia Romagna, which has become a model of Italian health, as such exportable all over the world? The total loss of lucidity is evident in the same programming that is here in the now pale pink region, held up well as long as it was a question of vaccinating health personnel, with an extremely broad meaning, so much so as to also include administrative staff, not only located far away from the hospital, but also in smart working . But the difficulty arose in proceeding further according to the criterion of the categories, also due to the reserve of AstraZeneca up to the first age of 55 and then to the age of 65, so as to create an unmanageable traffic jam: second injection to healthcare personnel with Pfizer and Moderna ; first injection from the age of eighty and up again with Pfizer and Moderna ; first injection with AstraZeneca to teachers, destined to stay at home, to the military … The elderly are completely forgotten, those aged 80 and over scheduled until the end of April, as well as those aged 65, who are still completely lost today.

The Draghi government has declared the bankruptcy of the Conte 2 government, firing the director of civil protection and the emergency commissioner; but without touching the political leader, the health minister Speranza, almost taking a cue from Biden who declared about seventy Saudi Arabian officials undesirable for the Khashoggi crime, but without touching the crown prince in the least. Now we travel between rosy forecasts for the present, such as the jump to 300/500 thousand daily injections, counting on the massive arrival of ambitious doses and plans; and realizations, for the future, of licensed production centers, within four to six months, assuming that we have to fend for ourselves, albeit with the incredible justification that, in any case, we will keep only that 13 percent for ourselves and equal to our European share, giving the rest to the Union. There is no doubt that Italy itself has embarked on that path of national sovereignty that feeds on European impotence, as evidenced by the decision at the top of the class to ban the export of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a demonstration of muscle that leaves not a little perplexed, because we do not produce it, if not in a minimal part, but we use it only with the dropper.

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