Khamenei denies Iranians western vaccines: the narrative of the regime preceded the health of citizens

On January 8, Ayatollah Khamenei made a very important and serious decision at the same time for Iranians: the Supreme Guide issued a fatwa , banning the importation of anti-Covid vaccines produced in the United States and in the United Kingdom into Iran. United. His decision had an immediate effect: the shipment of 150,000 Pfizer vaccines arriving in Iran thanks to a donation from some philanthropists was immediately canceled.

Khamenei's decision is serious because the vaccines produced in the United States and the United Kingdom – Pfizer , Moderna and Oxford / Astrazeneca – are the only ones to date truly verified by international health bodies (as opposed to vaccines produced in China and Russia, whose validity is still to be tested and an aura of mystery remains on the experimental phases).

Mike Ryan, WHO executive director for health emergencies, strongly condemned the Iranian decision, calling it "politically motivated". A decision that affects one of the countries that has suffered most from the pandemic and that will result in the death of thousands of innocent Iranian citizens.

Khamenei's decision is an indirect confirmation of what we have always denounced: American sanctions on pharmaceutical products do not exist. If so far the Iranian regime has not obtained the necessary drugs to treat its population, the reasons are simply the following three:

  1. the Pasdaran control part of the Iranian pharmaceutical market and have no intention of sharing the profit;
  2. the Iranian regime has not respected the conditions imposed by the FATF to get out of the anti-money laundering blacklist, therefore by doing business with Tehran, foreign companies (including pharmaceuticals) risk favoring money laundering and being hit by secondary sanctions;
  3. the Iranian regime has the utmost interest in saying that sanctions prevent the importation of drugs, in order to perpetuate the narrative of "humanitarian terrorism" and "economic terrorism".

It is therefore Khamenei who denies Iranian citizens the right to have safe and effective vaccines. The only "medical terrorism", in fact, is precisely that of the Iranian Supreme Guide, guilty of preferring the perpetuation of a fallacious ideological narrative, for mere political purposes, to the salvation of his own people. Not to mention that, given the high level of corruption that exists in the Iranian leadership, it is quite likely that the top officials of the Islamic Republic will secretly vaccinate themselves with Western vaccines, leaving ordinary people with third-level vaccines, with dramatic effects on national health.

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