Lamorgese scandal: “It could have happened anywhere”, the minister Pilate washes her hands

He stabbed five, including a child in the throat, as he claimed to travel without a ticket. It was dangerous, reported by the police from all over Europe, we had it, having arrived a few months ago with the reputation of a Somali refugee. Stoned, stoned, wearing knives and scissors. They put him in and obviously he started freaking out, saying that he hears the voices and the lawyer asked for the inevitable psychiatric examination. They will find a way to define him as disturbed, frightened, a victim of globalist capitalism, of sovereign racism, they will send him to some priest manager, in short he will still be free.

It is just the umpteenth of an infinite series, by now these "martyrs" of the world have understood two things: the first is that Italy maintains them, the second is that it does not punish them, in fact the more they delinquent the more they exalt them. Wary to say it? No, it is the only reality of the facts and it repeats itself every day: while the Somali was looking for his massacre, on a train a Malian one head-butted the conductor who asked him for a ticket, then lashed out at the passengers. We have a police minister who first expresses regret, closeness to the family, then with a shrug: "Things that happen, could have happened anywhere". But it happened here, and she bears strict responsibility for it.

Who is this Lamorgese who doesn't know how to stem any invasion, be it illegal immigrants or rave party parasites? She is one who, as prefect in Milan, allowed the metropolis to be reduced to an unlivable Babel and as a reward they made her minister, according to the logic of political equilibrium, of subdivisions in the name of democracy. President Draghi says of her: she is an excellent minister, she does the best of the best, I protect her. The results can be seen, not only or not so much on the operational, administrative level, as on the human one: it could happen in any place, at any time, to anyone. So the minister Pilate washes her hands, with annoyance bordering on contempt. But if the boy stabbed in the throat were dead, what would he say? What is the fault of those who preceded it? Of liberalism? Covid ? Or not to make it so long, which are things that happen?

La Verità is carrying out a campaign to have her resigned, a meritorious, dutiful campaign because Lamorgese is simply not able to be a minister, much less a police officer (and the situation in Milan shows that not even the prefect): the results condemn her. , it is the situation out of control, it is the regular, daily crimes, it is his disinterest exhibited as by an alien, one who considers it his job to send the guards to beat the intolerant to the pass, but to let everything else go.

His coverage of the ten thousand rave in the Viterbo area was scandalous, his hiding from illegal immigrants shameful, his contempt for the consequences, for the victims speaks for itself. Yet no one touches it. The media support it, the prime minister, the head of state, so diligent when Salvini was at the Viminale, breathless, the Democratic Party obviously growls at anyone who mayors the work. Should one like this protect us from the resurgence of Afghan-based Islamist terrorism? That our Services protect us, but should the worst happen, it will also be due to the inconsistency of a bankruptcy prefect, put in the wrong place and left in spite of his ineptitude. It will be shared responsibility, and not forgivable.

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