Let us demonstrate our love of freedom by responding to Xi Jinping, not Johnson. Open letter to President Mattarella

We receive and gladly publish the open letter to the President of the Republic by Ludovico Seppilli, city councilor in Pino Torinese, Turin, parliamentary collaborator and member of the Foreign Table of Forza Italia Giovani

Dear President Mattarella,

I cannot help but address this letter to you after hearing your statements in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I cannot as a young man of 28, who has chosen to devote his life to public affairs, convinced that politics is a mission to serve his country. I can't as a young administrator. I cannot as a leader of the youth movement of a party in our Republic. I address you with deep respect for your office and even more for your person, but not for this without the candor typical of my age.

Before deciding to respond in an official capacity to the Head of Government of a state among our most important and strategic allies, I am sure that you have had the opportunity to watch the full and original video in which Prime Minister Johnson replied in the House of Commons at the solicitations of the opposition MP Bredshaw. You will therefore have carefully listened to the concept expressed by Johnson: for a society like the English one, which for centuries has been wary of limitations decided by the State, whose historical evolution has always seen it distinguished by an exaltation of individual freedom, it is inevitably more It is complex to respond to a pandemic whose struggle is largely based on the renunciation of freedom and habits of individuals. A fundamental element of the British identity that today undoubtedly makes it more complex to regulate the daily behaviors of 66 million citizens to combat the pandemic. Over Italy they commanded a plethora of rulers, both native and foreign. We are the country of the lordships, of the constant changes of our people's coat. I, President, love Italy more than anything else in the world. But these are findings that do not reduce their affection, belonging and pride. These are the findings of those who have studied history.

The above was certainly not meant to be insulting. Rather, he put on the table an aspect of the problem that goes beyond the all too heartfelt partisanship of these months, where everyone defends his position even against all evidence. A man of your stature is very clear how much an important role is played by the different characteristics of approach and mentality present among the different world populations in understanding this new and so complex challenge.

I find it questionable that I wanted to give such a piqued answer, which conveys the idea of ​​a mystification of what was said by a foreign Prime Minister. If, President, you felt the need to raise the pride of the presidential banner you hold today, Thursday was indeed a great day to do so. Because on Thursday one of the most ferocious autocrats of the contemporary era, Xi Jinping, imprisoned a 23-year-old boy who with heart, passion and love for the same rights on which we founded our Republic has been leading the protests in Hong Kong for months. We welcomed that autocrat, unworthy of the handshake of anyone who recognizes himself in democracy, with the honors of the "Royal Escort". Yesterday, in order to claim a sense of freedom, we could have deployed the Italian Republic on Joshua's side: the right part of the story.

You responded to Prime Minister Johnson by countering seriousness, President. Our current Minister of Foreign Affairs is the Hon. Luigi Di Maio. The same person who as Vice President of the Council of Ministers appeared from a balcony to uncork a bottle and announce that he had "abolished poverty". I am frankly in difficulty to imagine what seriousness we can be an example of right now.

Your constant commitment to defending the image of Italy in the world can only make me as I believe any other young man proud. We are all by your side in this. But please, let's raise the bar. Let us stand with this courage when the most basic human rights are violated before our eyes. We feel the weight of the tricolor of Giuseppe Mazzini and Camillo Cavour when Joshua Wong is arrested, not when the Prime Minister of one of the oldest democracies on the planet, with a degree in classical literature and philosophy at Oxford, makes a reflection that any historian would subscribe to. With unchanged esteem and with my most sincere wishes for a good job, I offer you my most cordial and respectful greetings

Ludovico Seppilli

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