Letter from Giulio Centemero: “Enough exploitation and artfully assembled scoops”

We publish a letter from Giulio Centemero, deputy, group leader in the Finance Commission and treasurer of the League

Dear Director,

I learn from some newspapers that have intervened on the subject of the relations entertained by the League with the Maroni President association, that I would have personally worked to "find a legal justification for another whirlwind round of money", transforming a liberal disbursement into a non-interest bearing loan. Needless to say, none of this ever happened.

For the benefit of all, however, it is good to remember that the correction (or "adjustment" as claimed by a certain little technical and very scandalous press), was agreed in concert with the Supervisory Commission on Parties (fortunately composed of expert magistrates of the Court of Conti) and certainly not "imposed" by myself.

This is yet another self-styled scoop artfully assembled in recent weeks with the sole intent of throwing mud on the League and on my person.

It is not clear how the normal dialogue with the Supervisory Commission (institutional body in charge of checking the regularity of party budgets) is designed to provide the correct representation of the contribution granted to the association and then returned to the party, conducted with the utmost transparency and collaboration, can turn into an obscure "maneuver" aimed at finding a legal justification for a fact that does not exist.

The story of the relations between the Lega and the Maroni Presidente association shows in hindsight the exact opposite of what was claimed.

In short, we have been reading for many months the most disparate and imaginative reports on how we would have tried to make money disappear from the coffers of the League: is it possible that someone tries to object even when the money returns to the movement?

I just can't understand. I have the feeling that, driven by the need to find news at any cost (or, as in this case, to invent it), we are losing sight of the light of law, to the benefit of scandalistic speculations that have little to do with serious and informed journalism.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to take advantage of the teaching of the prosecutor Cantone who in Perugia suspended the investigations due to excessive leaks. Let the prosecutors work, and avoid useless political exploitation, which undermines the credibility of the judiciary and contributes to poisoning the wells. The reality in some cases is only one and those who try to cheat it are only deceiving themselves. Don't fall into the trap.

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