“Non omnia possumus omnes”: we begin to separate the serious things from the nonsense

That's enough. We play adults. I believe that, once you have reached a certain limit, as soon as you realize you have reached it, you need to take a pen and paper and draw a vertical line on the white sheet. On the one hand the serious things and on the other hand the nonsense. That's enough. Politicians and decision makers in general take care of serious things, singers, entertainers and showmen of various kinds are limited to light things, that is, in essence, of unimportant things. Although we all need, from time to time, to lighten up, to distract ourselves, to smile and even laugh out loud for a comedian or for the television waterfall, let the serious things, those that can significantly orient our life, come ascribed to the column of serious things.

Never before have I attributed so much meaning and moral value to the phrase of which I made my motto: “Non omnia possumus omnes” . What exactly Virgil meant when he wrote it in the Bucolics (Chap. VIII, vers. 63) is not known, but, for sure, it has a double interpretation, a double reading that teaches us not to expect too much from ourselves, without forgetting, however, that there are many who want to do everything without being equipped as it should.

In recent years we have been dealing with problems so serious and meaningful that we do not remember similar ones in the world history of the last centuries and what do we do? We kill ourselves on the opinions of rapper Fedez, or on the unsolicited utterances of jesters, aspiring successful television commentators, starlets from the world of cinema, fifth category actors and emeritus gentlemen / and no one who pretend to speak with the rulers of the world. If we had at least the courage to order serious and nonsense things in the two aforementioned opposing columns, we would at least have the excuse to jump between one and the other with the same refreshing lightness with which we change channels on television. Confusing the two columns is a huge mistake, like watering down wine or contaminating fresh water with a chemical pomace. We can no longer stand this system, now rampant, in which even the most serious and necessary political debate for nations is interrupted at the slightest baubau on the scene by people who, although convinced that they are competent on everything, know how to hardly what they are called, and so little aware of the name that they carry that they are glad they are not even called by that. That's enough.

That such interruptions to the much more important debate on what needs to be done and on government programs that are truly decisive and urgent to deal with certain imminent disasters, end up being welcomed by certain " pret-a-porter " rulers, is, however, a incontrovertible reality. From the opportunism of " panem et circences " we have landed at the cynical " divide et impera " and unfortunately there are so few who could simply say, but with authority, a "Now stop bullshit and let's think about serious things …" not to leave not even glimpse a better horizon, a new land in which to rebuild from scratch the foundations of a more credible and less self-defeating society than this one.

We are, in fact, literally giving ourselves powerful hoes in the foot in perpetuating this soup of politics, entertainment, social media , assault TV, in an environment in which the dwarfs and dancers of the nineties have been far outclassed, those, so to speak, to whom it seemed ugly to hand over the new millennium. But still have some hyperactive dwarves and decent dancers! At least, they had aspirations for power to be realized with the democratic parliamentary candidacy, according to a scheme strongly desired by the supporters of our nation.

Excuse me for the brutality, but brutal are these pandemically correct times: but who makes you try to climb the Parliament, with all its unknowns and responsibilities arising in the event of an election, when you can count much more than a deputy or senator, simply by being the rapper, the singer, the "committed" actor? But do you want to give the freedom to be able to change course at will, retract and disavow what was said and written the year before, compared to the media pillory of the parliamentarian who only changed sides? Are we also sure that even the lavish salary of Montecitorio or Palazzo Madama is necessarily higher than what is earned by our stars of the show and the web? It would seem that it is the opposite.

Here I stop, out of respect for your personal opinions on those who, personally I would put without delay in the column of nonsense proponents, reaffirming however that knowing how to draw that vertical line and divide the important things from the stupid things could only do us well and do us, maybe , re-earns some respect abroad. Provided that they have not soaked our brains that we no longer know what should be on one side of the paper and what on the other. Deciding which side to take, aware of being able to make mistakes, but proud of not having mixed songs and constitutional principles would already be a lot. Then, each do as they see fit.

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