Other than “civilized”, Fakhrizadeh’s dangerous relations with Syria and Hezbollah that the EU does not want to see

With the cry of "you don't kill a scientist", the European Union strongly condemned the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, father of Iran's secret nuclear program, which took place on 27 November last. Too bad that, as everyone knows, Fakhrizadeh was not an ordinary scientist, but a man of the Pasdaran, who actively worked to produce the atomic bomb with which to threaten the existence of Israel and its Arab rivals, and to increase the range more and more. of the ballistic missiles of the Islamist regime.

Now, to corroborate the military and terrorist profile of Fakhrizadeh, two Arab information sites arrive, which report what was written by the Iranian news agency Mehr News – close to the Pasdaran – last Sunday. An article, coincidentally, then removed from the Iranian news site. According to Mehr News – quoted by al'Masdar News and the Lebanese daily Annahr – Mohsen Fakhrizadeh had close relations with Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah. Dangerous relationships, very dangerous: Israeli intelligence in fact had evidence that Syria and Hezbollah, thanks to Fakhrizadeh, were sending information on the manufacture of missiles, drones and cluster bombs to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

The two Arab media also write that in a report published by the Neeman Foundation two years ago, it was already reported that under the supervision of Fakhrizadeh, dangerous technical knowledge relating to new armaments had been transferred to Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Palestinian territories. they could have endangered the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians.

Only the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, worthy heir of Mogherini, could take such a clear-cut position of condemnation of the killing of Fakhrizadeh, without even giving himself time to reflect on who this scientist was, on his malicious role for international security, and without even considering the hypothesis that it could even be an internal action within the Iranian regime, the result of the constant war between the different factions …

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