Pandemic as a pretext for a “great reset” that risks condemning millions of companies. Interview with Marco Pizzuti

Marco Pizzuti is an independent researcher who has written 13 essays so far, including “Unauthorized Biography of the Second World War” ( Mondadori ) and “I Mercanti della Salute” ( Sperling & Kupfer ). Among other things, he was one of the collaborators of the ItaliaUno broadcast, “Mysteries” . His latest book has just come out and is already making headlines : "Unauthorized Biography of Benito Mussolini" ( UnoEditori ). With him we want to address the delicate issue of information in the Covid era.

ADRIANO ANGELINI SUT: So the first question that comes to mind is related to the short circuit of parties and their ideologies of reference precisely in relation to what has happened for a year now. In February of last year, these days, the center-right asked the Conte government to close flights with China in order to avoid the spread of the Wuhan virus; the left responded by going to the Chinese restaurant, all rigidly without the mask that I call a muzzle, to eat spring rolls so as not to appear 'racist'. Within a few months, after an exhausting lockdown that has economically devastated Italy, and the heads of the Italians, the roles have reversed, the center-right asks for reopening (at least on the face it is so) while the center-left would perpetually live on refreshments and sofa with Netflix in front. Can you tell us something reassuring?

MARCO PIZZUTI: Unfortunately I have no reassuring information, quite the contrary. In fact, if there is still some doubt about the origin of the virus, we are instead certain that the pandemic has favored the world financial-industrial elite, which is using it as a golden opportunity to complete its "great economic-social reset ” . Therefore it will not be politics that will decide our future, it will be the giants of the economy and finance. These are not "conspiracy revelations", but the official program on the agenda of the powerful of the Earth that was presented at the Global Economic Forum in Davos. Economist Klaus Schwab, founder and current executive director of the World Economic Forum even wrote an essay entitled "Covid-19: The Great Reset" , where he explicitly stated that the pandemic has a positive side because it will allow for a new order economic and social world by 2030.

According to his theories, this radical transformation will only bring benefits because it will save the world from pollution and climate change. For this reason, the new mantra that we will hear pronounced by the media and institutions practically every day will be “eco-sustainable”. They all seem good intentions, perfectly acceptable, but behind the noble proclamations there is a project in the pipeline to establish the absolute supremacy of the superclass that intends to acquire even more power and wipe out the middle class once and for all. Reading between the lines of the essay and sifting through the articles published on the GEF website, it is clear that hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized companies will fail and will be left to fail, while the large multinationals of the usual super billionaires will be saved who, according to their evaluation criteria, they will adapt better to the change and the advent of the industrial revolution 4.0 (creation of smart cities , smart factories , entry of robotics, 5G and artificial intelligence in every social sphere).

Aid to companies affected by the emergency, therefore, will be very selective and to avoid social unrest the elite is already planning to grant a poverty subsidy called universal citizenship income to the millions of people who will lose their jobs. Not surprisingly, the official website of the “Group of Thirty” of which Mario Draghi is a senior member, published the report entitled “Reviving and Restructuring the Corporate Sector Post-Covid. Designing public policy interventions ” , which reaffirms the Davosian concept of“ creative destruction ”(letting companies and activities fail that according to their point of view are not worthy of surviving). The Davos greats even speak of a new capitalism of inclusion with a socialist longing, but they are the first to have set a bad example by taking these decisions that affect everyone's life without even consulting the parliaments and excluding the whole world from their process decision making. It is therefore useless to give false hopes because the restrictions will continue until the elite has made a clean sweep of the old economic order.

AAS: In all of this, the role of the mass media, from newspapers to television, was not only fundamental to support the government narrative but to instill a real system of terror. I would say it was very easy to terrorize the Italians, don't you think?

MP: Even the most hypochondriac fan of media psychosis should have the intellectual honesty to admit that we are witnessing the apotheosis of single thought, because the contradictory and free debate that constitute the salt of any true democracy has disappeared from the mainstream media. All virologists, experts and doctors outside the chorus were put out the door of the televisions while the most alarmist were raised to the new totems of exact science.

It is no longer a secret, the big media belong to the big groups and when it comes to following the directives of the international financial elite, they are all opportunistically aligned with each other just like the parties. In this situation, those who had an interest in spreading terror found no obstacles in doing so and since the health emergency justifies anything, what better way to force medium and small businesses to fail? According to the vast majority of people, no one could ever have the power to inflate the danger of the virus around the world, but forget that in reality it had already happened 10 years earlier with the swine pandemic, when the WHO, funded for the 3 / 4 of his balance sheet from the pharmaceutical industry, he raised the alarm to the maximum possible (level 6) for a less lethal virus than seasonal flu. Everyone seems to have forgotten it, but even then all the media and the expert regular guests of the TV lounges had described her as the new Spaniard. At least on that occasion, the "pandemic media operation" which had already prompted frightened masses of citizens to storm supermarkets as if the end of the world were coming, failed before it got to this point.

AAS: You are an author who has plumbed the techniques of manipulation of consciences and who in your books perfectly describe the apparatuses of consent, such as the Nazi, or Communist, that have convinced millions of people to do atrocious things in the name of a common good. and generally considered superior. Only I see a sinister similarity in this historical period?

MP: It is actually much worse. The totalitarian regimes of the 1900s used brute force as threat, intimidation, torture, deportation and physical suppression. Today, however, at the time of the big media, all this is no longer needed because it is enough to control the world of mainstream communication to influence people. The hard ways provoked riots and required a great expenditure of men and means while the "gentle dictatorship" is invisible to the masses who are continually fooled into believing they live in the best possible world.

AAS: Let's talk about health. You are the author of one of the most controversial but tragically very close to reality books on health: “I Mercanti della Salute” ( Sperling & Kupfer ). Here none of us intend to belittle the reach of a virus that is certainly a flu that for some people can prove to be lethal. But I have to ask you the question: are we really in the presence of the black plague? And if Covid is the black plague why was our health system unable to hold up or ready? Was it really a bolt from the blue? I tell you because they are coming out, through newspaper articles or even inquiries, that not only did Italy not have a pandemic plan since 2006 and the health minister was aware of it, but that the virus had been around well before the famous patient. 1 of Codogno.

MP: Covid-19 is not the black fever but a very contagious infectious disease, with low lethality, which today we could treat as a normal flu were it not for the fact that all the low cost and really effective treatments such as hyperimmune plasma or chloroquine (the latter only in the first phase of the infection), have been discredited and banned by the establishment to maintain the state of emergency until it has achieved two purposes: total control of the population under the pretext of blocking in time infected people in the event of new pandemics and a new world economic system.

Moreover, malice is by no means excluded, because in the famous Wuhan laboratory many Chinese, French and American scientists and the WHO worked on the development of chimera viruses pathogenic for humans and I collected the interviews and testimonies of some top scientists of undisputed world fame who are convinced of the artificial origin of the virus. At the end of March my new investigation book, “Unauthorized Pandemics” , will be released, in which I have collected a lot of evidence and abundant circumstantial material that can serve as a basis for the opening of a judicial investigation. The latest scandal over the cover-up of the failure to update the national pandemic plan also demonstrated how the WHO intervened to cover the unpreparedness of the Conte government, and specifically of the health minister Speranza, who for his "merits" was even kept in place in the new Draghi government.

In addition, dozens of associations of doctors and lawyers are mobilizing all over the world who have filed complaints and exposed to the judiciary against the excessive use of restrictive measures by governments, but I fear that the use of the term "denial" is was specifically designed to stop all investigations with a law similar to that on the Holocaust. In the United States, for example, President Biden has already commemorated the deaths of Covid-19 and determined that the total number of deaths exceeded that of the world wars and the Vietnam War. The risk, therefore, is that under the pretext of "respect for the very high number of victims" (with many doubts that all asymptomatic positives died from other causes also end up in the counts), a crime of "denial" on Covid is introduced- 19 as a legal ploy to stop the many legal proceedings already underway.

AAS: Give me a quick opinion on Mario Draghi. Yet another man of providence, it seems.

MP: Draghi is a copy of the Monti government both in the way he was placed at the helm of Italy (during a national emergency he entered as savior of the homeland with a parliamentary plebiscite) and for the powers he represents and the exclusive clubs he comes from . It is the fifth essence of the international financial elite, and as you know, former governor of the Bank of Italy and the ECB. In 2008, the former President of the Republic Cossiga commented on the hypothesis of Draghi in government as follows: "a cowardly businessman, one cannot appoint to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers who was a partner of Goldman Sachs , a large American investment bank and badly, very badly I did to support him and almost impose his candidacy on Silvio Berlusconi. He is the liquidator, after the famous cruise on the Britannia , of the sell-off of the Italian public industry when he was general manager of the Treasury and imagine what he would do as president of the Council of Ministers. It would sell off what remains, Finmeccanica , Eni , Enel to its former Goldman Sachs counterparts ”. Now, almost 15 years after Cossiga's words, I think Draghi will finish the job he started as director of the Treasury, which will put an end to Italian sovereignty and create the conditions for an irreversible “great reset” .

AAS: In closing, I can't help but ask you a question about vaccines. The speaker is a convinced Yes-Vax . I believe that vaccines have saved humanity from various serious diseases and that they have played a fundamental role, at least in the past century. However, today I have more than a few doubts about the flash vaccine for a virus at the bottom of the flu, which mutates like any flu virus (and therefore the story of the variants is simply ridiculous and / or instrumental in my opinion). And, obviously, those who today have legitimate doubts about the times and ways of making something experimental are marginalized, mocked and even pointed at. If the vaccine passport rule passes, as far as I'm concerned we are facing a real barbarism to be opposed in every way. It really looks like a dystopian scenario from a science fiction movie. What do you think about it?

MP: Art. 32 of our Constitution, mindful of what happened under the Nazis, states: “No one can be forced to a specific medical treatment except by law. The law cannot under any circumstances violate the limits imposed by respect for the human person ”. Nonetheless, all the media propaganda on the salvation of the world revolves around the vaccine and therefore I believe that it will soon be made mandatory by effectively circumventing the constitutional norm with the blackmail to take away the freedom of movement of the unvaccinated. In all likelihood, the vaccination passport will be approved under the Draghi government. In Israel, for example, the "green pass" is already law and I believe it is now only a matter of time before it is adopted by all other states. Soon we will have to live with a global health dictatorship where no one will be in control of even his body anymore. Under the pretext of controlling all outbreaks of any new pandemics in the bud, the technology is ready for constant real-time monitoring of the health conditions of citizens, their identity and their every movement. Those who oppose will be criminalized as a public danger, a madman and a potential killer. The emergency justifies everything, even totalitarianism and the elites know it well.

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