Qatar continues to support Hezbollah: a relationship, including military, dangerous for Italy

Qatar, a Sunni monarchy allied in the Gulf with Iran and in the Near East with Erdogan's Turkey, continues its policy of support for the Islamist axis, also favoring indirect financing of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

According to reports from the Austrian think tank Mena-Watch , Doha would be the protagonist of a triangulation between the Gulf, Africa and the Balkans, which had the purpose of using Uganda's gold in order to pay for weapons destined for Hezbollah. The triangulation was allegedly promoted by Dahlan Al Hamad, who in 2015 was vice president of the Federation of Athletes (IAAF) and president of the “Qatar Athlets” .

According to a former member of a Western intelligence agency who worked undercover in Qatar for years (codenamed Jason G. ), in 2017 Al Hamad allegedly used Ugandan gold, bought through a Qatari charity. , to pay for arms from Serbia. Thanks to a mediator in the Balkans and the complicity of the customs authorities of North Macedonia, these weapons would have been classified as steel products and passed on thanks to false official documents. The weapons, therefore, would have arrived in Beirut passing through Greece, precisely through the port of Thessaloniki. Conversely, Ugandan gold would have reached Serbian traffickers via the island of Cyprus.

We recall that, according to German intelligence, Qatar supported Hezbollah in 2020 for an amount exceeding 500 million dollars, which came to the "Party of God" through two Qatari charitable foundations. Berlin, a few months ago, decided to include the entire Hezbollah organization on the list of terrorist groups (and not just the military wing, as the EU officially does).

Speaking of Qatar, General Saeed Hesayen Mohammed Al-Khayarin visited Italy just recently. The general, in the context of the Doha Dialogues of 2019 between Italy and Qatar, has signed a collaboration agreement with the army corps general Salvatore Farina, which strengthens the cooperation between the two armies in the fields of education and training. This agreement, given the geopolitical positions of Qatar, especially in Libya and precisely in support of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, has provoked criticism from various observers .

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