Scanzi is the usual easy shortcut of calling anything that moves to the right a fascist

How many times do we tell ourselves that on the left they are always ready to make a big cauldron of enemies, accusing them of being fascists? I believe that the youngest as well as the not so young can remember many of these moments. And now, the author of these defamations is Andrea Scanzi, best known for his love for the former premier Conte and the 5 Stars, and for his ruthless hatred of all those who vote on the right. But Scanzi goes beyond hatred: he does not stop at contempt, because he argues that the entire Italian right is a den of fascists, disguised in party and non-party guises, thus mystifying the ideas of an entire political party.

The new book by Scanzi, entitled “Sfascistoni. Manual of resistance to all right ", in which a chapter is dedicated to Nazione Futura (entitled " Nazione Future " … Scanzi pay attention to the spelling!), The political-cultural association founded and directed by Francesco Giubilei, of which I am proudly part as co-coordinator of the Parma club. As a young student born in 2000, I feel offended when Giubilei and Dell'Orco, two capable young people, able to contribute to improving the Italian center-right, who enjoy all my respect, are defined as coordinators of a “fascist drive hub”.

Scanzi, subsequently, in this mega soup of alleged fascists, describes Nazione Futura as " animated by budding young fascists disguised as para-intellectuals". A journalist with more than two million followers on Facebook and tens of thousands of copies sold allows himself to give fascists to people who have never shown that they have thoughts comparable to fascism. Probably Scanzi himself does not understand the gravity of his words, these yes fascist impulses, when "he puts on the same level – quoting the words used by Giubilei in the video commentary available on Nicola Porro's website – people […] who have nothing to do with do with each other ". But probably Scanzi doesn't even know the story of Nazione Futura , maybe it was his collaborators who told it to him, arguing that men and women who define themselves as conservatives , and who are committed to Nazione Futura , are part of a hub of fascist impulses .

We are at the usual lineup: someone in the center-right is bringing forward new ideas and young people, liberals and conservatives, with the aim of improving the debate and political ideas, but is immediately labeled as a fascist , wanting, in this way, to exclude him from the political debate. .

We, members of Nazione Futura , conservatives and liberals, despise fascism as much as Scanzi, but we also despise those who defame the work of serious people. And then, Scanzi should know, it was precisely the fascists who wanted to "exclude" those who did not think like them. It is as ignorant as it is foolish to label people for what they are not, with the sole intent of warning their followers of an alleged "fascism" danger.

As announced by Giubilei, Nazione Futura will take legal action for the offenses received, through a lawsuit and a request for damages.

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