The Arabs of Ra’am in government in Israel, which confirms itself as the only democracy in the region

Never as in this case Israel proves to be, the only case in the Middle East, a truly democratic state. And it is to such an extent that, to the amazement of many international observers, a government is being formed in Jerusalem with the active participation of an openly Islamic (obviously moderate) party.

The story takes place after yet another rain of rockets launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory. As always, a significant part of the Western media has provided a totally distorted interpretation of the events. Basically we read, even in prestigious newspapers, that the Israeli reaction was excessive and out of place. As if Hamas had the right to strike when and how the Jewish state wants. The latter, on the other hand, would have no equal right to react militarily by hitting the launching bases of the rockets, and trying to eliminate the leaders of the unfortunate operation.

At the bottom we find the usual bad conscience of a part of the West, in particular that deployed in various ways to the left. Yes, because the cancellation of Israel and the intention to "throw the Jews back into the sea" are not typical objectives of Islamist movements alone.

Similar ideas are shared, albeit using moderate expressions, also by the western left. Just think of certain positions taken by former British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who also for this reason led Labor to a disastrous defeat in the last political elections held in the United Kingdom.

In reality, Israeli leaders want at all costs to prevent the destruction of their state, but at the same time they are willing to dialogue with the Palestinians and the entire Arab world in exchange for concrete guarantees.

Hence the participation of the moderate Palestinian Ra'am party, led by Mansour Abbas ( pictured ), in the new Israeli government. It matters little, at this point, to note that the operation was carried out with the explicit intention of eliminating Benjamin Netanyahu from the political scene.

Indeed, it was the latter who inaugurated Mansour Abbas's policy of dialogue with moderate Muslims. What counts, however, is that Palestinians have always been represented in the Knesset . They enjoy political rights and can elect representatives of their choice to Parliament.

Instead, try to imagine an Arab state where it is possible for Jews – if they still exist locally – to enjoy full rights and elect deputies to Parliament. Maybe sooner or later we will get there but, for now, it is pure political fiction.

It is therefore necessary to stop considering Israel as a mere bastion of so-called "Western imperialism" in the Middle East, and rather see it as the only example of complete democracy in the area.

It is still early to understand whether Ra'am's example will be followed by other Palestinian political groups. Also because, as the example of the "Abrahamic Agreements" demonstrates, every time someone in the Arab world tries to set up relations with the Jewish state on a rational basis, extremists – both Sunni and Shiites – go wild immediately to block any prospect of dialogue.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to seek normalization, while not giving up the use of military force when necessary. And it must be said that the presence of a democratic state in this area is a real miracle, and as such it never ceases to amaze.

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