The double standard of progressives who criticize Renzi but go hand in hand with the worst Islamists

There is a disease of Western progressivism that perhaps should be explored better. We refer to the total psychological subjection of this world, which claims to be enlightened, to the political propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood. An ancient disease, but which worsens over the years and a relationship that becomes increasingly pathological. So pathological that, from a communion of thought, the alliance between Western progressivism and the second and third generation Muslim Brotherhood has become systemic, with the heirs of the old communist ideologies even ready to bring representatives close to the worst Islamist ideologies into the institutions.

Now, some origins of this disease are known: the communist and the Islamist ideologies are united by hatred towards Western values. A hatred transmitted to some by Soviet propaganda, to others by the texts of Sayyd Qutb. A hatred that, despite the passing of the years and the fall of the USSR, has evidently left its mark. Progressives today would probably not define it as such, but there remains a certain condescension in them towards the Islamists, which leads them to justify religious extremism with social and economic factors. A bit like the myth of the Palestinian "poor" kamikaze, in reality often coming out of first-rate schools and very wealthy families …

Why this long premise? Because in recent days this harmony between a progressivism and a certain Islamism has manifested itself against Matteo Renzi, for his relations with Saudi Arabia. Essential premise: we do not intend in any way to justify or underestimate the killing of Khashoggi. But neither do we intend to accept the underlying hypocrisy of those who manage to say a few words on human rights only when it comes to Mohammad Bin Salman or Al Sisi, while they remain silent when it comes to the abuses of Islamists, whether Sunnis or Shiites, for whom there is evidently a basic "sympathy".

The same people who today pour out attacks against Renzi are those who have never uttered a word against Hamas – which struck in Vienna just a few months ago – against Islamic Jihad, against Qatar and above all against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The latter, the first country in the world for financing international terrorism since 1984, which just a few weeks ago saw one of its diplomats sentenced to 20 years in prison in Belgium for trying to hit the heart of Europe by organizing an attack in Paris , fortunately failed.

Why this double standard? It would be reductive to explain it with myopia or ignorance. Unfortunately, it is a dramatic commonality of views, which for too many years now leads to seeing all the evil to be condemned on one side and all the evil to be justified on the other.

Reality, as always, is more complex and multifaceted. Without MBS, perhaps there would not have been the Khashoggi case, but neither would there have been the Abrahamic Agreements, which have positively distorted Middle Eastern geopolitics. Without the Iranian Islamist regime and Sunni Islamists, however, there would not have been years of massacres of civilians not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. And while in Riyadh someone noticed the dramatic mistake, in Tehran the export of terrorism is still an integral part of that country's foreign policy. And if you allow, although champions of democracy and human rights in that region are impossible to find – apart from Israel – the difference is remarkable …

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