The Draghi government decrees the apartheid of the unvaccinated: unscientific and unconstitutional

It is the premier himself, in a press conference, to proclaim apartheid, placing the unvaccinated "out of society".

Fury on the scapegoat, but delay with third doses is the main risk factor: between 5 and 12 million vaccinated people (for over 6-5 months) potentially discovered and comparable to non-vaccinated people . Here are data and studies.

An unprecedented attack on freedom and rationality, this time not only endorsed by the League, but adopted "on the push" of the League

The further tightening on the unvaccinated approved last night by the government, the super Green Pass already in the white zone, is unjustified, as we will explain the data in hand, since there is no emergency in place, but it is purely hypothetical. On the other hand, by definition of the government itself, if you are in the white zone it means that the risk is not even low, but "very low". And it is also unjustified when it is admitted that potentially ten million vaccinated people – this is the number of those who have received the single dose or the second dose for more than 5 or 6 months but not yet the third – are in the condition of the all similar to those who are not vaccinated with respect to the risk of becoming infected and contagious, so much so that they are called to take a third dose or an additional dose. And it is illegitimate, as we will explain, because by not providing for the possibility of obtaining the pass with a negative swab, it is equivalent to a vaccination obligation, which however bypasses the limits set by constitutional jurisprudence.

Reading the newspapers or zapping on TV one would almost say that the Covid emergency has remained only in Italy. Virtually all Italian newspapers open their front pages every day with Covid and related topics, such as Green Pass and no-vax . None, however, among the main European newspapers, from Le Monde to Bild , from El Mundo to the Times . On the other hand, in the Anglo-Saxon press (in recent days the Telegraph and ) there is an open talk of "dictatorship" and "authoritarianism" in continental Europe in relation to anti- Covid measures, including new lockdowns , vaccination obligations and health passes . Are they conspirators too?

On the contrary, the data of infections, hospitalizations and deaths in our country show that there is no emergency in progress, but it is only hypothetical. Positive daily cases are slowly rising, but unlike previous waves there is no corresponding growth in intensive care (only 6 percent occupied!) And in ordinary hospitalizations, with numbers 6-7 times lower than those of a year ago: 573 intensive care units occupied yesterday, 3,816 on 24 November 2020 (-85 percent); 4,629 ordinary hospitalizations yesterday, 34,577 a year ago (-86 percent).

So the pressure on the health system is completely under control, as can be seen from the graphs, which in the comparison between "waves" speak for themselves …

The government and the pro-vaxes could cheer: where's the sparkling wine? Hurray, vaccines work, we can cautiously hope for a normal Christmas. But no, we are witnessing a new wave of media terrorism and a new turn of the screw, which once again concerns the scapegoat identified last summer with the introduction of the Green Pass obligation: the unvaccinated.

The request from the governors of the regions, especially the center-right, that any restrictions only concern the unvaccinated was essentially accepted by the government ("those who do not want to get vaccinated will have to do home and work", announced Minister Brunetta, not hiding a certain pleasure). Access to restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, ski facilities and stadiums will be allowed only to holders of the "strengthened" Green Pass , from vaccine or healing, already in the white zone, while the "basic" Green Pass it will be mandatory from 6 December also for hotels, changing rooms for sporting activities, regional rail transport and local public transport, in addition to workplaces. And here is a first nonsense: the waiter will only need a negative swab, while the customers must have received three doses of the vaccine.

We are therefore at the lockdown of a large part of the population without even an emergency in progress, but only in the hypothesis of an emergency. The President of the Draghi Council himself, at a press conference yesterday, certified that there is no emergency, the aim is to "prevent". But that is all true, the risk is that the evocation of any emergency, even if only hypothetical, could in the future justify any restrictive measure of fundamental rights and freedoms. Basically, the establishment of an exception regime even without a real emergency. This is the practice of authoritarian regimes, where the emergency is perennially evoked as a bugbear to justify the suspension of citizens' freedoms.

Among the most disturbing passages of the press conference, one at the very end is particularly unfortunate. When with his nonchalance , with words that would be conciliatory towards the unvaccinated, Draghi utters a very serious affirmation, that is, he certifies that this decree places them "out of society", he proclaims apartheid . This will be a "normal Christmas for the vaccinated", he says, but he hopes that the next one will be a normal Christmas "for all", "this is what we want to win back, that it is for everyone, that even those who will be restrictions reserved may return to be part of society with all of us ". Chills. There is therefore an us and a them . And they , today, are not part of society. Are out.

But if the main risk factor were not them , the unvaccinated, but it was in the combination of the arrival of the cold season and the drop in coverage in millions of vaccinated people (at a rate at which the administration of third doses fails to keep up) ?

The decision to bring forward the third dose to 5 months after the second, as well as to reduce the validity of the Green Pass for vaccinated people from 12 to 9 months, is an implicit admission that vaccine coverage vanishes, or is drastically reduced, already after 5 months. from the completion of the vaccination cycle. And this has a very clear, undeniable consequence: the unvaccinated cannot be indicated as the only cause of the recurrence of infections and hospitalizations. A non-secondary role is played by those millions of vaccinated people, with a regular Green Pass , who are considered potentially discovered by the health authorities themselves.

How many? Not a few and certainly many more than the unvaccinated, if we exclude children under 12 years of age. Five months ago, on June 24, 17.1 million people had received both doses, largely the most at risk (over 50) and the most exposed (health and school personnel). Six months ago, on May 23, it was 10.5 million. As of November 24, the third or additional doses administered are just over 4.8 million. This means that, depending on whether you consider the 6 or 5 months, between 5 and 12 million vaccinated, in possession of regular Green Pass for another three or four months, but in reality potentially discovered by the infection, almost like the unvaccinated.

The delay in the campaign for third doses is even more evident if we look at the percentages in the age groups most at risk of clogging up hospitals, those over 50. We are entering the coldest season, the one most favorable to the transmission of the virus, and only the 45 percent of those over 80 received the third dose. Practically at stake are the third doses in the other age groups at risk: 14 percent among the seventy-year-olds, 11 percent among the sixty-year-olds, 6 percent among the fifty-year-olds.

The unvaccinated is an old issue, at least for Italy with the percentage of vaccinated people it has reached. Everywhere, from the United States to Germany, third doses are the new front of the vaccination campaign. To such an extent that according to Professor Fauci the definition of "fully vaccinated" should be updated to include only those who made the booster. The decisive game is to convince those vaccinated for more than 5-6 months, now discovered, to take the third dose, but the government is losing it. In Italy, not only does the administration of the third doses proceed slowly, at a lower rate than that of the second doses 5 or 6 months ago, but it is not certain that all the vaccinated with a double dose run to get the third. And these doubters will not be able to easily criminalize them by calling them no-vax

Therefore, the super Green Pass introduces a discrimination against logic and science, being the vaccinated potentially discovered many more than the unvaccinated who want to be sentenced to home and work. As Fabio Dragoni observed, “someone who is definitely negative is prevented from going to a restaurant. Leaving someone who is potentially positive to access it free ”. In fact, what would be the scientific rationale according to which a person who has not been vaccinated with a negative swab within 48 hours can infect, while a vaccinated for over 6-9 months, without a swab, does not represent any risk of contagion?

Abominable, in particular, is the exclusion even in the white zone of 25 per cent of adolescents who are not vaccinated, the 12-19 age group, from sports and socializing, despite running insignificant risks from Covid , while the 12 million vaccinated for over 5 months potentially discovered, most of them over 50, therefore much more at risk, go around with a regular Green Pass .

Data and tests have been going on for months, not from today, on the fact that vaccinated people also contribute significantly to the circulation of the virus, especially after 6 months from the second dose.

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (October 27) and conducted in Israel confirmed that the immunity of Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant decreases in vaccinees of all age groups a few months after the administration of the second dose, in a time interval between the fourth and sixth month. More precisely, the infection rate of those vaccinated six months after the second dose was found to be 1.6-1.8 times higher than that of those vaccinated for four months. "The results presented here provided an epidemiological basis for the decision of the Israeli Ministry of Health of 30 July 2021 to approve the administration of a third dose 5 months after the second." No scientific evidence emerged in the last few days, as we are led to believe. It has been known for months, since the beginning of July , but the Italian government arrived there on November 22nd.

These days our health authorities are beginning to recognize that the recovered have a more effective and longer lasting protection than the vaccinated, both from infection and serious illness, and therefore do not need to be vaccinated if they have a high enough number of antibodies. . But this too had been known for months and from a multiplicity of clinical and epidemiological studies, but for months (and still today) the healed were subjected to doses and double doses to obtain the Green Pass , despite being exposed to a higher risk of adverse events following vaccination. Always because it is "Science" that guides the government's decisions.

"Stigmatizing the unvaccinated has no scientific justification", is the title of a recent article in The Lancet (November 20), which criticizes the expression "pandemic of the unvaccinated" used by high-level officials in Germany and the United States. , but which we hear repeated also in Italy, because it falsely suggests that vaccinated people do not play a relevant role in the circulation of the virus. Instead, "there is growing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to play an important role in transmission." After recalling some of the data collected in recent months in the United States and Germany, the author concludes that “vaccinated people run less risk of complications but are a significant part of the pandemic. It is wrong and dangerous to speak of a pandemic for the unvaccinated ”.

Indeed, an article in the December issue of The Lancet Regional Health – Europe indicates that "the epidemiological relevance of the vaccinated population is growing". A trend clearly visible also in Italy, as shown by official data (Istituto Superiore di Sanità report of 17 November): in the last month 0.64 per cent of the unvaccinated and 0.17 per cent of the vaccinated were positive. The "advantage" of the vaccinated is equal to 3.9, but in marked decline from 5.2 on 13 October. And this is because the number of people vaccinated for more than 5-6 months who have not yet received the third dose (which we quantify at 5-12 million) is rapidly increasing.

But how long will the coverage of the third dose last? 5-10 years goes as far as to say our ineffable Abrignani, spokesperson for the CTS, who seems to know more than the legendary Anthony Fauci, who on the other hand is not unbalanced: "We hope" that the booster will last longer, he limited himself to saying, “That you increase the duration so that you don't necessarily need it every six months or a year. Let's hope…"

In the face of their failures they persevere in error, even foaming with anger they double: it takes more Green Pass . If they were minimally consistent, the Green Pass should expire 6 months after the second dose. But the validity of the Green Pass in recent months has been lengthened or restricted with great cynicism, based not on scientific criteria but on political expediency and opportunities. This summer it was decided to extend it to 12 months, against all scientific evidence of Israeli data, because the vaccine had to be "sold" and because otherwise too many Green Passes would have expired already in August and September. It is now reduced to 9 to "incentivize" the third dose. Stick and carrot, as with pacifiers.

The super Green Pass is even more blatantly discriminatory and unconstitutional than the "basic" model. By removing the possibility of obtaining the certificate with a negative swab, its nature of surreptitious vaccination obligation is accentuated. The vaccination obligation is provided for by our legal system, but within the limits set by a series of judgments of the Constitutional Court, the last of which in 2018, which make it compatible with Article 32 of the Constitution.

So why doesn't the government choose the simpler and more direct path of obligation? Because with the Green Pass you can get around those poles. What are these stakes? First , that the treatment is aimed "at preserving the health of others"; second , that it does not cause serious damage to the health of the person subjected to it, but "those consequences alone, which, due to their temporary nature and insignificance, appear normal to any health intervention and, therefore, tolerable"; third , the provision in any case of a "fair indemnity" in the event of "further damage", "regardless of the parallel compensation protection".

Now, whether anti- Covid vaccines fall into the first two conditions is at least controversial. At the moment, they are not immunizing, at least not at the levels of the vaccines we know and for too short a period of a few months, and we do not yet know how many doses it will take; on the other hand, there is certainly a considerable number of serious adverse effects, reported by the hundreds also in Italy, where pharmacovigilance is rather passive. Thrombosis, myocarditis and pericarditis are not fevers and arm pains. As for the third, it is perhaps no coincidence, given the amount of serious adverse effects, that the path of obligation was not chosen, which should have provided for direct compensation alongside compensation protection.

The compensation mentioned in the existing judgments applies only to the vaccines to which they referred. For those anti- Covid, the government should provide it with a rule, otherwise a new ruling by the Council should intervene. What is certain is that being forced to undergo a vaccine for which no direct compensation is provided in the event of serious damage raises some legitimate suspicion: would the compensation be too many?

Therefore, since the Green Pass is a surreptitious obligation, even more so if the buffer option disappears for many activities, it is a circumvention of the constitutional limits on the vaccination obligation. And as a circumvention of Article 32 and related jurisprudence of the Court, illegitimate.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a drift in Italy that is the result of the combined effect of an exhausted, terrified and indoctrinated public opinion for months, and of a political class that shows off limitless cynicism, making use of scapegoats since the beginning of the pandemic. to blame for their failures. A dangerous witch hunt, which with dynamics quite similar to the totalitarianisms of the last century, designating a large part of the population as "greasers" and "enemies of the people", is causing wounds in the national community that will not heal quickly and easily. weather. It will not be enough to spend a "normal Christmas for everyone" …

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