The Iranian threats to the Emirates and Bahrain for choosing peace with Israel

It is not normal that this is normal. It is not normal for a third country to allow itself to threaten revenge against its neighboring countries for the agreements they freely decide to sign. We are obviously referring to Iran and to Tehran's reactions after the diplomatic relations normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

After the announcement of the normalization of relations between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi, the Iranian regime condemned the agreement and Supreme Guide Khamenei launched a real anathema against the Emirates, claiming that "they have betrayed the Islamic world". Obviously, President Rouhani and the Pasdaran joined the sentence and directly threatened Abu Dhabi by saying that it must expect a "dangerous future" .

The same script, amplified by one hundred, happened after the announcement of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain. In this case, the Iranian regime has not limited itself to condemnation and veiled threats, but has directly stated that Manama must expect "hard revenge" . The threat must be taken very seriously, since Iran regards Bahrain as its province and the majority of the population is Shia. Tehran in this country not only finances extremist Shiite clerics, but also parties such as Al Wefaq , a party dissolved by the government because it was accused of having promoted revolts whose purpose was to overthrow the al-Khalifa monarchy.

That this conduct by the Islamic Republic, the main sponsor of international terrorism from 1984 to today, is no longer stigmatized internationally, is a cause for concern. European democracies that on the one hand express satisfaction with the peace agreements in the Middle East, but on the other close their eyes to those who want to blow them up or, worse, to be able to travel freely to the West without anyone realizing it. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif was supposed to arrive in Rome next Tuesday, but apparently his trip has been postponed.

How long will the Iranian regime remain unpunished for the threats it is daily directing towards its neighbors who, in a far-sighted way, have chosen to walk the path of peace and prosperity?

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