The real English variant: the model on vaccines is that of the “denier” Johnson

Do you want to see that Boris Johnson was right? The British vaccination plan is running at full speed after the separation of London from the European Union and in the United Kingdom there is talk of an end of the lockdown , plans for the summer holidays, recovery of the economy, while the pound is at its highest for three years. A world away from how the Von Der Leyen Commission has messed about the doses and contracts with pharmaceutical companies: in fact, while Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States fly, Berlin, Paris and, alas, Rome remain stuck.

With over 18 million vaccinated, the United Kingdom sees the end of the third lockdown , established two months ago, after the discovery of the so-called "Kent variant", and the relaxation of the restrictions introduced to contain Covid . First of all, the return to school starting from 8 March. From 29 March it will be possible to meet up to 6 people different from those of the family unit. Measures taken with caution but which mark a partial return to normality. In recent months, the Tory leader had been subjected to heavy criticism that had raised the tension in a predominantly anti- closure party . Among the members of the Covid Group there was also talk of challenging BoJo's leadership. Steve Baker first wrote a letter dreading a new contest to establish a path that would lead to challenging Johnson, and then retracted arguing that Johnson was the best guide for the Conservatives right now.

The success of the vaccine plan put Conservatives back 5 points ahead in polls, something not seen since before the summer. While at the outbreak of the pandemic the premier appeared hesitant and almost reluctant to make serious decisions but for the good of the country, now Johnson appears as a far-sighted leader, who had seen first of all how vaccinations were the only way out of pandemic. From the leadership in Gavi to that in the G7 – where the United Kingdom has also spent itself on the supply of surplus vaccines to developing countries – the "British model" is making its way around Europe, so much so that it seems that even the new Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, look to London to accelerate the Italian plan.

It seems centuries have passed since the Guardian headlined "With Brexit Vaccines Will Arrive Late in UK" , and the European press falsely accused Johnson of "denial", mocking his vaccine plan with headlines such as "Chimpanzees reject vaccines. of Johnson " ( sic ). Now even the most pro-European Brits are starting to see the bright side of leaving the European Union.

Johnson is happy to pass the ball of the internal crisis to Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of Labor. Starmer appeared on British television throughout the weekend, from the BBC to Sky News , to reaffirm the credibility of his leadership and his new centrist, post-Brexit and patriotic course. Within the movement, the renewal of the posts of the largest Labor-affiliated union, Unite , is putting the left that harks back to former leader Jeremy Corbyn on a battle foot. Starmer, who will celebrate his first year as Opposition Leader in April, seems to struggle to keep together reformists inspired by the Fabian Society and Compass , and radicals such as the now ex-leader of Unite, Len McCluskey. An internal Labor report warns: to win in 2024 it will take a miracle.

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