The Saman Abbas are not on the agenda of the Eurocratic elite progressive

Scene number one. They take a girl, Pakistani, aged 18, make her disappear in the name of the family theocracy, it is almost certain that they buried her up to the head and stoned her, the most horrible end, the most cruel martyrdom, that beautiful face disfigured stone by stone . This is the way things are in Italy, year 2021. From the Democratic Party, a frenzied but not integrated immigration party, by its secretary Letta, not even a breath. His Twitter message board, feverish with appeals to the ius soli , to Europe, to migrants, as well as to attacks on Salvini, in short, the agenda of the progressive from the Eurocratic elite, in this case remains white in an indifference that is more contemptuous than embarrassed.

Until, pushed one would say by opportunities for electoral decency, Letta or whoever for him does not squeeze two very listless lines of circumstance "on compliance with the laws". What do the laws to be respected have to do with a savage stoning, which resulted in a fatwa , immediately half-denied, by the Islamic community in Italy, as if to say that Italian laws are subordinated to theocratic ones, only Letta knows, if he knows . But if ever the secretary of the banking Politburo should have thunderstruck precisely this procedure: a fatwa ? Only to be told, in spite of the same ones who sent it, that the religious dictate has nothing to do with it and the fault lies with the Western-style patriarchy. In short, if they annihilate a daughter, a granddaughter, the fault is always the white Catholic male who hosts everyone. Here Letta is silent, as are the feminists engaged in devising the new Rosetta stone with the inverted "e" silent, as to say that every bullshit is good so as not to end up in the shadow.

Scene number two. In Piossasco, in the Turin countryside, bandits enter the house of an architect and do it outside. The agencies are indecent, they try to insinuate the fatality, the blow started by mistake, little is missing that they take it out on the unfortunate victim, who has probably escaped an accusation for excess of self-defense only because she is cold. Here too, from the Democratic Party, from the Politburo, from the Secretary, silence from social networks, cold, distant. And you can feel the concern, even if the robbers came from outside, from some more or less exotic region. Meanwhile, the police minister Lamorgese is looking for them, in order not to make a mistake, announces "a table" to meet the needs of Muslims in Italy. The policy of controls and compliance with the laws, as Letta says, are they done in a pizzeria? A table to meet only means giving in to any claim and guaranteeing information silence, as has been the rule for the last 30 years.

Scene number three. The vaccination campaign is successful, the immunizations are galloping, not without some side effect, even dramatic (the writer could tell someone about it), but obviously not enough for those in charge: we are already talking, or rather we are being commanded, of a third dose, of piercing the kindergarten children, to impose sine die masks and the much desired freedom of choice, which implies respect for every decision, is overwhelmed by demonic propaganda. It did not help to adapt to everything, from the absurd curfews to the procedure for a vaccine, however experimental, as recognized by the super-commissioner General Figliuolo, one wants, one expects widespread anguish still and always, demonizing those who would simply want to live according to a rational thought, yes plays to the downside with individual freedoms even now that the infections collapse. Confirming that the strategy of terror does not, as it did not have, prophylactic but authoritarian reasons regardless of the consequences.

Pascal Bruckner in his very recent essay identifies the scapegoat in the pale male, but here we are beyond, we are the Soviet-style self-criticism: we may have misgoverned but the one who made a mistake is you, an infamous and deviant people. The commandment of good politics says: if a strategy is wrong, change it. The one of bad, ideological politics says: if a strategy is wrong, you insist until it prevails over reality. Then there is the lowest politics, from Politburo piddino: if a strategy is lethal, fuck it and blame those you hate through your lackeys, your coachman flies at the rate of the stupid and arrogant intelligentsia. But what should they do too? If they quit their military service, they remain completely unsubsidized. And since there are fewer and fewer customers in Italy, we try to import them without going too far. To the bone, the ethical urgency is this or, as Frank Zappa said, who had understood everything 50 years in advance, “we are here only for the money”.

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