The totalitarian vocation of the anti-fascists and the two faces of the Regime: “institutional” and “street”

The essence of totalitarianism is contained in a phrase by Alain de Benoist: “Totalitarianism seeks above all to reduce human diversity to the advantage of a single model”. Having learned this, we understand why the nature of anti-fascists is radically totalitarian and consequently intolerant and violent. It is useless to return specifically to the semantic question of the fascist word, which ended up on everyone's lips and used so inappropriately that it has lost all meaning, generally we can say that today by "fascism" we mean everything that questions the only politically correct thought . Liberals complain – rightfully – of the intolerance of anti-fascists, because they preach peace and love but act exactly the opposite, contesting with violence in all its forms those who do not share their vision of the world. You don't need a military on the far left to be intolerant, censorship, for example, is hailed in words and practiced by the government left, which is also anti-fascist in the absence of a real fascist danger. So why are those who define themselves anti-fascists, who should have at heart freedom, dialogue, tolerance, who accuse the right of every oppression, are the same ones who contest with violence in all its forms, they want not only to delegitimize the opponent political but even prevent him from expressing his ideas?

In the anti-fascists there is a basic Manichaeism, they conceive reality as a perennial struggle between two opposites, good (anti-fascism) and evil (fascism), from this it follows that to obtain the good society they desire they are willing to use any means, even physical violence against what they consider evil. Given this premise, any form of dialogue is almost impossible, it is a train that travels quickly on its tracks, impossible to move, not even in the face of the obvious contradictions that characterize the anti-fascist world. Only for them – who have proclaimed themselves the good – the end justifies the means, even if the same means used by the anti-fascists are (improperly) challenged to the adversaries. The totalitarian vocation, therefore, consists in this, wanting to impose its own model of society by any means, exactly like the totalitarian regimes of the past century. They do it for the good of the whole society, we are stupid not to understand it. If we do not start from this assumption we will always get involved in trite and coy observations as "the real fascists are them".

It is therefore not surprising if left-wing university professors serenely wish Silvio Berlusconi's death, if a Congolese woman attacks the leader of the first Italian party with the applause of the extreme left and the presumed moderate left who gloats; no alarm if Beppe Grillo pushes a journalist down the stairs, if the whole political world and left-wing culture exploit the death of a black boy to shout fascism. Just to remember some episodes of the last few weeks. The question arises: what if all this happened with reversed parts? What if a right-wing university professor wished Zingaretti death? What if a white man physically attacked Cécile Kyenge? What if Salvini pushed a journalist down the stairs? The whole anti-fascist world from social centers to Boldrini – and why not, even the new entry accustomed to the self-timer but in her spare time, historical expert of fascism Chiara Ferragni – would go into a rage, all hell would break out. Why does little or nothing happen with the current cards on the table? For decades, the worst left obsessed by fascism has occupied the chairs at the university, the benches of the judiciary, they have in their hands the editorial offices of the major newspapers, a large part of television, the leaders of the EU, social networks and the non-negligible blessing of the Pope. For this reason everything proceeds normally, the power supports the variegated world of anti-fascism, both the institutional one that censors according to the law those who are not aligned with the single thought, and the militant and violent anti-fascism of the street that does not hide its desire to annihilate those who do not share the same worldview.

We must deal with this: they openly hate, have civil war in their blood, they do not want dialogue but to crush the opponent, they have always done it and will continue to do so, they will stop only when they have imposed their model of companies with the support of the system (universities, judiciary, press, television, EU, Vatican, the whole world of entertainment from Netflix to Chiara Ferragni). There is little to get excited about a change of government if the system is always the same, because government and power are two completely different things: government administers, power – the above system – exercises true dominion over society. Let's start from this, the anti-fascists will not change, any call for moderation will end in a vacuum, from the columns of certain newspapers they will continue to write that Meloni must be shot, because their motto is always the same "killing a fascist is not a crime" . We also have another certainty: those who always play in defense end up losing. Anti-fascism should not be declassified as a simple marginal phenomenon of a noisy minority that will be resolved with the elections, on the contrary, with a government of opposite sign, anti-fascist violence increases, a serious reflection on a phenomenon as radical as it is dangerous is necessary.

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