The unparalleled hypocrisy of the left, which it seems to have removed when ordering naval blockades and pushbacks

It was 1997, Prodi government, Napolitano minister of the interior: "Naval blockade for the Albanians". Today Salvini is on trial for kidnapping… at the time 81 people died in the Katër i Radës accident, rammed by an Italian Navy corvette… The left's ability to remove is something disconcerting. Then there is the strange phenomenon of “elections without landings”: NGO ships full of migrants kept offshore before the vote. The left exploits immigration at will. There are those who can and those who cannot, the left can because it always acts for the Good …

Matteo Salvini is accused of aggravated multiple kidnapping and abuse of official deeds for preventing the disembarkation of 131 immigrants held for four days on board a Coast Guard ship in Augusta. The justicialist left rejoices, after all it is known that where politics does not arrive, robes arrive. In Italy it is not the first time. The enthusiasm, however, may last less than expected. Prosecutor Bonomo asked for "no place to proceed", not only that, Conte, Di Maio, Toninelli, Trenta and the current interior minister Lamorgese were also called to respond. After all, Paolo Auriemma, head of the Viterbo Public Prosecutor's Office, in his interceptions with Palamara, wrote about Salvini's hard line on immigration: “I'm sorry to have to say that I don't really see where Salvini is wrong. Unlawful attempts are made to enter Italy and the interior minister intervenes to prevent this from happening. And I don't understand what the Agrigento prosecutor's office has to do with it ”. "You are right. But now we have to attack him ”, Palamara replied. After all, everyone knows that it is a political attack, someone does not believe it or pretends not to believe it.

The ability to remove the left is something disconcerting, as that famous Gospel passage says “why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, while you don't notice the beam in your eye? Or how can you tell your brother: allow me to remove the speck from your eye, while in your eye there is the beam? Hypocrite, first remove the log from your eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye ”. Leaving aside the contradictions, the hypocrisy and the round of money behind immigration, let us recall a couple of episodes.

In 1991, with the dissolution of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, thousands of people left in waves from the Albanian coast to reach Italy. On March 19, 1997 a decree law was adopted for rejections (naval blockade) and a few days later an agreement was signed with the Albanian government which provided for the patrolling of the Adriatic coasts by the Italian Navy. At the time, the prime minister was Romano Prodi and the interior minister was Giorgio Napolitano, the latter coming from 46 years of militancy in the Italian Communist Party.

It is curious to read from the archive of la Repubblica an article published on 25 March 1997 signed by Domenico Castellaneta "Naval blockade for the Albanians", the article opens like this:

Brindisi – The Albanians shoot with a Kalashnikov , the Navy responds with a naval blockade: the hard line has been started yesterday. They are no longer refugees, but immigrants who are not in order. And therefore they must be rejected. But Italy will not limit itself to 'blocking' the Otranto canal; it will also send food and medicines to Albania, as well as work for the reconstruction of state structures. Last night, Prime Minister Romano Prodi and Albanian Prime Minister Bashkim Fino found an agreement in Rome for an anti-exodus plan: patrolling and aid, precisely, with the ultimate goal "to restore the functioning of civil, economic and political life of the country until the free political elections which presumably will have to take place next June ”, says Prodi. Fino adds: "We agree that Italy will patrol the whole Adriatic to stop this exodus, because the Albanian problems must be solved by the Albanians themselves in Albania".

A few days later, on 28 March, a terrible accident also occurred between the Katër i Radës , an Albanian ship carrying immigrants, and the corvette Sibilla of the Italian Navy, which in an attempt to block the boat overloaded with Albanians, entered the route collision with it causing it to sink. 81 people died, 34 were saved.

Prodi said a few days earlier that "the surveillance of illegal immigration is part of the necessary protection of our security and respect for legality and justice that the government has the duty to pursue in defense not only of our fellow citizens but of the Albanian citizens themselves, too often victims of exploiters and criminals ”. The same words if spoken by Salvini, to stop a flow of illegal immigrants far greater than the one that brought so many Albanians to Italy, is now considered racism. Not to mention the "let's help them at home" that the left rightly put in place at the time and that today, by the left itself, is considered reprehensible.

Then there is the strange phenomenon of "elections without landings". In October 2019, close to the elections in Umbria, the Ocean Viking ship managed by SOS Méditerranée and Doctors without Borders had to wait 11 days at sea before receiving the OK for disembarkation from the Ministry of the Interior. Same situation for the regional ones at the beginning of the year in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria, on January 25 the Ocean Viking asks to land in Taranto, but the authorization from the Ministry of the Interior arrives 72 hours later, on January 27, the next day of the elections. Perfect timing. Perhaps we are a bit malicious to think that letting immigrants land in the hot days of the elections could affect public opinion.
The left uses the tool of immigration to its liking. There are those who can and those who cannot, the left can because it always acts for the good, the others do not. So it is (if you like).

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