“The Way of Men”, by Jack Donovan: how to rediscover masculinity in a de-virilized world

A bronze of Riace covered in tattoos with shiny skull, goatee and ice eyes. It is the tribal image that Jack Donovan shows us readers in all his contemptuous masculinity.

The fulcrum of " The Way of Men ", published in the United States in 2012 and recently published in Italy by Cambio al Bosco , is just this: the rediscovery of masculinity where being a man has been deformed by the feminist vulgarity. An alleged "civilization" that atrophies the male gender by imposing the exaltation of weakness and preventing it from recognizing itself.

Jack Donovan dissolves this pink sequined building and composes a hymn to strength, craftsmanship, courage and honor: the four virtues of the male warrior ready to put his life on the line for glory.

We will embark on a journey through time, from the Stone Age to a dystopian contemporaneity, to discover the way of men: the way of the "gang". A group hierarchically organized to defend its interests and fight external threats, " fight or fight nature ". We will meet cavemen, Scandinavian berserkers and Aztec jaguar warriors.

We will walk along a road full of pitfalls accompanied by a dry, lucid and sincere narration, perfectly delivered to our language by Andrea Ansaloni and Domenico Di Tullio.

Jack Donovan's style is simple, practical and straightforward. Get to the point without getting lost in virtuosity and rhetoric. The quotes distributed along the pages never show the author's erudition but are functional to the discourse and amalgamate the "high culture" with the popular culture giving life to a tasty compound. Hobbes, Plato and Mishima walk alongside Hercules, Tony Soprano and Vincent Vega in a natural and spontaneous way.

" The Way of Men " is paved with brilliant provocations that make reading spicy and lively. There is talk of gangs and Jack Donovan does not hesitate to tell us about the " daring and marauding virility " of pirates, outlaws of the Far West, even street gangs where strength, courage, skill and honor still survive.

The volume is enriched by the preface by Francesco Borgonovo who, starting from Clint Eastwood's latest film " Richard Jewell ", turns the spotlight on a "progressive" society that has transformed tomorrow's women into an army of Valerie Solanas, the one who he attempted to assassinate Andy Warhol, more interested in the castration of the Caucasian male than in their emancipation. The issue is deepened by the precious appendix at the end of the volume, part of the original draft of " The Way of Men ". Fifty pages that pose the problem of reinventing masculinity by rediscovering the culture of the gang in the contemporary era. " The Way of Men " is not for weak stomachs or sensitive souls, it is for those who wonder what the future awaits the male here and today, for all those " good men " who want to " be good at making men ".

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