The Women’s March ridicules itself with a tweet, but the delirium of Cancel Culture is not funny

The new left aims to create a system of power, first of all over the minds

Fortunately, there are reports that distract us from the pandemic. This time, the organization of the Women's March , the annual march of feminists, creates a fun and diversionary curtain for us. Without realizing his humor, in fact, he posted a tweet apologizing for the offensive title of his latest email sent through his newsletters to supporters. What is the offensive title that even requires a public apology? $ 14.92, which is the weekly average of donations received, in US dollars. So what? It's too much? Is it too little? No, we have not understood anything. The number itself is offensive. In fact, 14.92, if read casually, becomes 1492, the year of the discovery of America. So, as we read in the public apology tweet: the feminists did not intend to have any connection with "a year of colonization, conquest and genocide of indigenous peoples, especially before Thanksgiving", which is itself a great misfortune, since it is it was introduced by puritan Christian Europeans to thank them for their arrival in the New World.

This curtain is funny. And the responses to the Women's March tweet reveal that, thankfully, there is still a lot of humor in this world: for example, one reader wonders how they allowed themselves to send a message at 7:33 pm, the year the Nazi regime started. . But come to think of it we should shiver. First, the episode explains very effectively the dynamics and objectives of the “cancel culture” . The dynamics are easily understood, even if we have not seen all the steps. The email will have reached several hundred far-left supporters of the feminist march and caused them to have a heart attack. "But how …", we can imagine that they said in the privacy of their little rooms, "even the feminists, now, are starting to celebrate that male, white, Catholic, colonizer, slaver and first genocide named Christopher Columbus?" and even before verifying what that 14.92 meant (or mistaking it directly for a subliminal message) they will have attached themselves to their smartphones to send vitriolic responses. Reached a critical number of vitriolic responses and fearing the usual dynamic (protest, then social ostracism, then boycott, finally physical threats) the organizers will have rushed to formulate their apologies.

But this episode also reveals the purpose of the intersectional left: to transform contemporary open society into a controlled space, like a madhouse. As in a mental hospital, in fact, you cannot show the patient images or say things that could worsen his condition, perhaps awakening his phobias. In the society desired by these "warriors of social justice", the films that could offend minorities, from the Aristocats (there is a stereotypical Siamese who could annoy Chinese and Asian immigrants in general) to Gone with the Wind ("Mizz Rozella" … and African-Americans get angry), they must be censored. The statues of Christopher Columbus must be removed or hidden, otherwise the Indians will be hit. And the Harry Potter author has to be silenced because she says things like "women have periods": so she offends trans.

So where is the limit of what can be said? It does not exist, or rather it moves continuously. And that is the point of the game. The new left aims to create a system of power, first of all over the minds. And absolute power aims to create continuous legal uncertainty, precisely to punish and arbitrarily absolve, on a whim and without the possibility of appeal. In a theory such as intersectionality, one can consider oneself oppressed and offended because of one's own: gender identity, ethnicity, social class, disability, sexual orientation, religion, caste, age, nationality and even living species (but they are still human beings, in the latter case, to punish the alleged oppressors of animals).

Potentially the doors open to a fight of all against all, which is also usually a prelude to absolute and arbitrary power. In order not to offend the categories considered "oppressed" every possible form of language of the "oppressor" is censored. And then the struggles between the oppressed inevitably also begin: trans against women, for example, as in the case of JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter , a woman, a feminist, who for her offending sentence (actually a trivial observation of elementary biology ) received so many death threats " that I could carpet the house ".

Just the case of Rowling allows us to understand that the step from farce to tragedy is very short and can take place at any moment. When you least expect it, you could be killed for an innocent sentence. Or for writing a phobic number.

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