This is how the “cultural Marxists” are trying to subvert America (and Western civilization) from within

Frankfurt School and Gramscian strategy of cultural hegemony. Schools, universities, media, arts, churches, multinationals: all the casemates of culture employed to transform the consciousness of society and undermine democratic institutions. The United States may have defeated the Reaganese evil empire, but it has not yet managed to defeat "the idea", far from it, since Marxism is alive and well, healthy and robust, and it is practically everywhere, in colleges, in companies, in sports, in associations … It is in the air we breathe …

One of the many Catholic parishes in New York City. A prayer session is held in support of Black Lives Matter . The priest invites parishioners to renounce their white privilege ("white privilege", an expression of great fashion in the US at this time) to help "transform the culture of the church". In many churches across America, writes John Eidson in American Thinker , "cultural Marxists" use the pulpit to gradually substitute hammer and sickle for traditional Christian values. He expressed himself just like that, in no uncertain terms. On the other hand what the hell are we talking about? Black Lives Matter , we all know (or almost), is a violent political organization whose Marxist ideology is deeply anti-Christian and anti-American. “They use the noble cause of racial equality like a fig leaf to hide their true nature”, which is precisely cultural Marxism, which tirelessly and stubbornly pursues the goal of overthrowing Western democracies. All this, moreover, "subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of the family, religion, education, politics, law, arts and media as they provide the social cohesion necessary for a functioning society ".

In fact, it is a long story, which has its roots quite far in time. An illuminating reading, from this point of view, I think it is certainly a book released in 2015 and that I read almost immediately in the Kindle edition, "The Devil's Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West" ( Encounter Books ), by Michael Walsh. Interestingly, among other things, the fact that Walsh has been a critic of classical music for several decades, for Time Magazine and before that for the San Francisco Examiner , and that he started writing about politics only in 2007, for the National Review , with the name of David Kahane ( @dkahanerules is the account he still uses on Twitter ). In short, a musicologist lent to political debate, so much so that he goes so far as to argue that it is in the nineteenth-century artistic nihilism, and in particular in the world of opera, that we need to trace the roots of cultural Marxism … But leaving aside the remote origins, it is in critical theory which was embodied in that institute for social research, commonly known as the Frankfurt School that the phenomenon has taken on the characteristics that distinguish it today. And here, alongside Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, check Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm and the one who coined the expression "sexual revolution", Wilhelm Reich (or William, as they Americanize it in the States). Names that the generation that lived through '68 has well printed in their brains. It is surprising to think, Walsh notes, that this openly Marxist institute, founded to undermine Western civilization, was warmly invited to shift its operations to Columbia University in 1935. It is from this high perch that the aforementioned began to instill their subtle poison. in American culture. Reich above all, according to Walsh, had a pernicious influence. How bad? Well, during the 1968 student riots in Paris and Berlin, students threw copies of his book "The Mass Psychology of Fascism" at the police and scribbled his name on the walls. You do a little bit. But, more than anything else, the sexual revolution he theorized is now the common currency, the lingua franca of our age.

Those of the Frankfurt School were convinced that economic Marxism would fail because of the resistance of the working classes (in particular that madman Reich attributed the inevitable failure to the repressed sexuality of the proletariat …), and therefore that the only way to their belief to triumph was to undermine the institutions, all of them, from within. It was then, on closer inspection, the application of Antonio Gramsci's thought. “Socialism,” wrote the Italian politician and philosopher, “is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. In the new order, socialism will triumph by first capturing culture through the infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media, transforming the consciousness of society ”. Gramsci had defined his program "the long march through the institutions". The Frankfurt school took charge of precisely this gigantic undertaking. For example, who would have thought even just a few years ago that Boy Scouts would become gay? Well, the Frankfurt School has successfully dealt with the matter. But it is superfluous to explain to Italians how widespread and incisive the effects of the Gramscian strategy of cultural hegemony have been: even a blind person sees it, it is the state of the art in which we have been immersed for at least half a century now.

But back to Eidson: "Gramsci's disciples in this country have worked diligently to overthrow every cultural institution in America, including its predominant religion, Christianity." And he continues by illustrating "the Communist plan to lessen Christianity's hold on America". First, there's former FBI Special Agent Cleon Skousen's book, "The Naked Communist," which lists 45 Communist goals for subverting America from within. Two of these concern the decline of Christianity:

“Objective no. 27 invites Communist warriors to infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Revealed religion is based on Scripture; the communist concept of social religion teaches citizens to look to the government, rather than God, for their salvation. Scriptural religion is about individual salvation; social religion is about collective salvation, a concept that does not exist in Christianity. […] Objective no. 28 invites the Communist warriors to infiltrate schools and eliminate prayer and any type of religious expression on the basis that it violates the principle of separation between church and state ”.

To achieve the result of excluding Christianity from the public square, Eidson observes, cultural Marxists, almost all members of the Democratic Party, regularly mock and ridicule Christianity and its followers. Following is an impressive series of sacrilegious acts and blasphemous statements by members of the entertainment industry (one I censored in part because we are at truly unheard-of levels):

– Bill Maher started one of his HBO shows with an attack on Christianity by likening Holy Communion to sodomy.

– On his nationally broadcast radio show, Howard Stern said, “If I were president, I'd get you gassed pro-life. I would like you to enter the ovens ".

– After receiving an award for her reality cable show , comedian Kathy Griffin said, “A lot of people come here and thank Jesus for it. No one has had less to do with this award from Jesus. All I can say [omitted] . "

– In an episode of HBO 's “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the show 's star Larry David urinated on a photo of Jesus.

– In defiance of Christians, Netflix's “The First Temptation of Christ” portrays Jesus as a homosexual and portrays God the Father as a lewd seducer of women.

Furthermore, by shielding themselves with concepts such as "diversity", "inclusiveness" and "multiculturalism", in American corporations, in government, in publicly funded schools and colleges, cultural Marxists systematically reproach, threaten and punish Christians, as well as censor the religious activities of Christians and Christian organizations. Eidson follows a long list of misdeeds. I cite a few to give an idea:

– Christmas decorations have been banned at Florida highway toll booths.

NBC cut “under God” from the pledge of allegiance played by the children during the US Open golf tournament broadcast.

– The Pentagon orders the US Air Force officer to remove the Bible from his desk.

– The Court of Appeal supports the school district's ban on Christmas carols.

– VA hospital refuses “Merry Christmas” cards sent by 4th grade pupils to sick and injured veterans.

– The military base demolishes the crib after the complaints of the atheists.

– Federal judge forbids high school band from playing "How Great Thou Art" .

– Texas school bans Christmas trees, red and green colors from Christmas holidays for fear of "offending others".

– Children are not allowed to say "Merry Christmas" at the "Winter Party" of the elementary school.

The most painful thing, Eidson comments, is that "the disciples of Antonio Gramsci have infiltrated the top positions of every important branch of the Christian religion". In essence, they pretend to be advocating God's cause, but they are consciously subverting their religion from within. And he aptly cites an important announcement by Pope Francis: the signature (postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus ) of the Global Compact on Education , a global educational pact that will introduce a "new humanism", under which God is essentially put on the one hand to make humanity "freer", but on the other hand "the children of the world will be indoctrinated by climate change and other United Nations propaganda, designed to pave the way for a New World Order under the banner of global communism" .

In short, the American Thinker article is of rare intellectual ferocity, as is Michael Walsh's book. The author of “The Devil's Pleasure Palace” , by the way, is a fervent Catholic and a passionate pro-lifer and pro-family . He understands that the United States may have defeated the Reaganian empire of evil, but has not yet been able to defeat the idea , far from it, since Marxism is alive and well, healthy and robust, and is practically everywhere. , in colleges, in companies, in sports, in associations… It is in the air we breathe.

Both Eidson and Walsh know no half measures in declaring their intellectual hatred for Gramsci's godchildren. Both are convinced that the struggle against cultural Marxism is a struggle against Satan himself… and therefore a fight is hard without fear. Personally, as a very unfaithful disciple of Hegel and his dialectical conception of truth, I would suggest that perhaps, I say perhaps, cultural Marxists should also recognize some small cultural merit, because after all what they helped to destroy was not exactly an earthly paradise … , but looking at what is happening in America and in the rest of the Western world, one cannot fail to be alarmed by the virulence of the attack on the entire complex of Western civilization, or rather of civilization tout court . I mean, we're pulled by the hair in this Armageddon-like fight. Avoiding or not making a precise choice of field would be cowardice.

To conclude, having extended the discourse to Walsh's book, we are pleased to note that the latter is not pessimistic. He believes that cultural Marxism has exhausted, to put it a la Enrico Belinguer, its propulsive thrust. At the same time, however, just as the nails of a corpse can still grow, he is convinced that these people will continue to do damage, and that it is up to us to first recognize the state of the art for what it is, and then make sure that things change. Furious articles like Eidson's and incendiary books like Walsh's can serve the cause very well. By the way , in a 2015 interview in the National Review , Walsh himself gave us a key to reading his book: “I am a supporter of the felix culpa , or happy guilt, which freed man so that he can perform his heroic destiny as something other than the humble and obedient servant of God. As Saint Augustine wrote in the Enchiridion , 'God found it preferable to bring good out of evil rather than not allowing any evil to exist' ”. Same old story: Eros and Thanatos , together again.

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