While in Rome there is still talk of AstraZeneca, in London they see the light at the end of the tunnel

We have long been accustomed to the methods of communication of the mainstream press and certain journalists. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the truth to be omitted or distorted, but we are also used to deathly silence when some truths are too uncomfortable to be told, perhaps because they slightly go off the rails of the dominant thought.

A current and concrete example? Boris Johnson and Brexit . The Italian press had distinguished itself for countless attacks on the British premier in the initial phase of Covid management, even falsifying statements, or mocking him when he communicated that he was positive for Covid . Taking a step back, the Brexit narrative is also emblematic: great "experts" hypothesized that one could not really leave the EU, subsequently that it would have to vote and that the British people would have repented. And, finally, once the European Union left, the Italian press clearly wrote that an endless decline would begin for the United Kingdom, as if to say that outside the European cage there was no life.

From the images of the arrival in Italy of the first vaccine, advertised in a big way by all the mainstream media, four months have passed, and to date our vaccination plan has been a blatant failure. Just in these hours, yet another turnaround on AstraZeneca , which will cost us further slowdowns … On the contrary, that bad boy Boris Johnson has taken over the situation, at perhaps the most difficult moment, putting into practice a vaccination plan (largely his own with the talked about AstraZeneca ) which to date turns out to be a winner.

The data coming from overseas certify the success: 169 deaths in the first 6 days of April. In Italy 296 in a single day, April 5, one of the best days.

Already in recent months, when the figures were still disheartening, the British Prime Minister announced a plan for reopening in stages. Which is now being consistently implemented. It started with schools, the possibility of meeting has widened and the possibility of playing sports has been granted. At a press conference a few days ago, Johnson confirmed further easing of restrictions for April 12th. Non-essential shops, hairdressers, restaurants and pubs (outdoors only) will be able to reopen, as well as gyms, zoos, theme parks and libraries. In the roadmap drawn up by the premier there is also participation, in the coming weeks, in a comedy club , in the Fa Cup semifinal at Wembley, and in other events, where the feasibility of a Covid free passport will be tested.

The gossip after months is zero, the British who according to the Italian press would have fallen into total darkness, after having dared to leave the comfortable EU, instead begin to see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.

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