In China, the experimentation (phase II) of the Covid vaccine has started and in Mongolia the parents of children who refuse to go to school are arrested, all the writings on the streets in the original language and the symbols of this important ethnic group are also removed. with bulldozers.

The message of the Chinese virologist doctor Li-Meng Yan also officially arrives in Italy (we had reported it to you in a post of 4 September), in an article by TGCOM24, which reports her complaint on the fact that the coronavirus was created in the laboratory of Wuhan. "The government knew and hid everything," Li-Meng Yan said on live TV . "Soon I will be able to provide evidence," he assured.

The same thing is happening in the USA, where the doctor now resides, and this means that an important front is opening towards the isolation of China from many points of view. The alliance that President Trump created with India, South Korea, Japan, Australia and indirectly also Russia, is militarily "pressing" the area. The Peace in the Middle East signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and subsequently also with Barhein, is slowly isolating another ally of China, namely Iran, which today feels even more threatened after the cut of the funds, granted in the past by the Obama administration and allegedly also used to finance terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia, which for the first time opens its skies to the passage of Israeli planes (thus anticipating future peace agreements between the two historically rival nations), opens a direct route between Israel and Iran. Here too diplomacy, the blocking of more or less legitimate funding, as happened also for Palestine and military tactics, are having an incredible result without having fired a single shot. The last remaining "war" front is Space and it is not to be underestimated. Journalist Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, following an interview with President Trump, declares that the same would have revealed to him that he had built an unprecedented nuclear weapon, but in reality the President's precise statements were "I am in possession of something no one has ever heard of, not even Putin or Xi ”and“ what we have is incredible ”. Obviously, this is not the Trident II, a tactical weapon for submarines, as reported by the Sole24Ore but definitely other and it concerns the American space program the United States Space Force or USSF (United States Space Force), as can be read in the various government files. Americans, of the last ten years.

The Deep State that is maneuvering China today, very much fearing this super secret program, is trying to regain ground, but has already lost from the start. The real reasons for this terror will be revealed very soon. Soon the American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, just been in Afghanistan, a strategic country bordering Pakistan which is another ally of China, will be in Rome in the most complete silence of the official media and if we combine this fact with the statements on Twitter by George Papadopoulos , a former staff member of President Trump who got involved in the Russiagate orchestrated by Obama with the help of Renzi in Italy, we have the complete picture of what is about to happen. “Remember the bizarre invitation and state dinner for the former Italian prime minister in October 2016 a month before the elections? Concentrate on what I have explained about foreign espionage and the foreign governments involved in Obamagate. That's where the action is now. " And even before that “Rome is on fire”. The visit will obviously not only concern the SpyGate, but much more. It is known that for some time the American Intelligence Services have been in possession of compromising information not only on Renzi and Gentiloni, but also on President Mattarella who to date has always supported, endorsed and covered every action of this Government which for some time now has been been denounced for violating the civil rights of the Italian people and the Constitution. But of course the press still doesn't talk about it.

In conclusion, today is a very important day … the great American Abruzzese is paving the way, to lead the Tuscan to the place where he deserves to be ..

Aphorism of the week:

Today's journalists only talk about puppets and their plays, never about puppeteers, and they even exclude how real and profound this Puppet Theater can be”.


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