“Health passports” for traveling by plane. Vaccination obligations wrapped in the illusion of choice

An airline lobbying group has volunteered its service as a private sector guardian for Covid vaccination mandates that many countries have vowed not to enact. Good luck flying, or getting a job, or government subsidies.

Australian airline Qantas chief executive said all international travelers will soon be required to provide proof of vaccination against the novel coronavirus before being allowed on board.

While establishment members think it's a great idea, skeptics are horrified that a private company could force them to consume a pharmaceutical blend just to fly.

The sinister aspect of such a policy, however, is that it will not be forced at all. Would-be travelers can get vaccinated, or stay at home.

The illusion of "choice" cleverly circumvents the mass of legal issues surrounding mandatory vaccination in most Western countries, as even the most draconian emergency pandemic laws run into difficulty when trying to impose what would amount to pharmaceutical trials on reluctant participants . The Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention , moreover, exist for a reason, and public shame at the nuclear level against the so-called "anti-vaxxers" serves precisely for conditioning.

Using the "carrot" – exemption from travel restrictions and weeks quarantines, admission to concerts and football games and other perks – rather than the "stick" of obligations and arrests is far more likely to push reluctant populations to the needle.

The government of Slovakia was able to test a whopping 97% of its population in less than three weeks, rewarding compliant with certificates that exempt them from curfew and restrictions, and the UK's "nudge unit" is considering embracing this. paradigm for vaccination itself. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), a lobbying group of global airlines, has demonstrated with its support for Qantas' questionable quest that it is 100% on board.

As the backlash to the Australian airline's announcement, led by British travel agency Tradewinds Travel's promise not to do business with Qantas in the future, IATA revealed that the entire industry will follow in the airline's footsteps . Not only will passengers have to provide proof of vaccination, they will also have to download and use a mobile app for the " health passport ". In fact, the group is already working on a “Travel Pass ” that will allow passengers to show at the airport both the vaccination status and the results of Covid-19 tests: privacy is doomed.

IATA's efforts have the support of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets international standards for air travel. But it's the private sector status of individual airlines that makes their promised regulations so valuable to governments that would otherwise be limited from affecting the physical integrity of their citizens with vaccine mandates. Just as Google, Facebook and Twitter are armed by the United States and allied governments to evade citizens' rights to free speech, airlines can adopt whatever rules they want. Don't want to get the vaccine? Buy your private jet, they will say.

The IATA Travel Pass is far from the only competitor in the health passport field. The World Economic Forum's CommonPass , funded by the ubiquitous Rockefeller Foundation, emerged as the clear lead earlier this month when three airline conglomerates lined up behind it, issuing a joint statement urging governments to embrace passports sanitation destroying privacy quarantines trampling freedom.

In fact, it was the WEF that prototyped these health passports years ago with its Known Traveler Digital Identity program. The organization timidly admitted that it is currently testing “components of the KTDI concept in a real, cross-border context” and is working with IATA and the International Civil Aviation Organization to push the program into the throat of the world.

Not that you need to push hard. The powers that be seem confident that, after 'Lockdown 2.0', most people will be so devoured by cabin fever that they will jump through any imaginable circle just to board a plane and get out of wherever they are. The "flights to nowhere" taking off and landing at the same airports in Australia and Hong Kong earlier this year have already shown that frequent flyers can't wait to get back on the air.

But even the most desperate traveler should be wary of what they're signing up for. The WEF has made no secret of its desire to get rid of cash in its sprawling "Great Reset" storyline, embracing blockchain-tracked central bank (CBDC) digital currencies (just like CommonPass, KTDI and other variants of the health passport). The establishment has strongly suggested that people who want to work in this brave new world will need to have their vaccines up-to- date, and a cashless society means non-compliant ones will not only be barred from travel and work – but they likely won't be able to lead. any transaction.

Of course, it will be great to be able to travel the world again. But is it really worth handing over the last shreds of privacy and control over your body to a group of unelected, sociopathic megalomaniacs?

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