Turkey moves tanks to the Greek border. Tensions increase

Turkey moves tanks to the Greek border. Tensions increase

ANKARA – Turkish military authorities are moving armored units to the border with Greece. Tensions emerge from a border dispute over the maritime platform of the Greek islands. According to the Ihlas agency, 40 tanks have left the Reyhanli area in the province of Hatay, on the border with Syria.

Subsequently, according to the source, military equipment will be delivered by train in the western province of Edirne, on the border with Greece.

Previously, on 6 August the foreign ministers of Greece and Egypt signed an agreement on the delimitation of sea zones in the Mediterranean. The document has already been ratified by the parliaments of the two countries. According to Athens, the agreement with Egypt guarantees the right of the Greek islands to the maritime platform and the exclusive economic zone.

Ankara said it did not recognize the document and sent its research vessel Oruc Reis , accompanied by a group of warships for seismic exploration on the Greek offshore platform off Kastelorizo. In response, Greece has alerted its armed forces and announced that it will defend its sovereign rights.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had previously announced his willingness to negotiate with Turkey to resolve conflicts around the borders in the Eastern Mediterranean as soon as "Turkish threats and provocations" were over. This is an evolving story that DataBase Italia is following closely.

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