Von der Leyen, build Health Union and 37% of the Recovery Found for the Green New Deal. The Great Reset is served!

Von der Leyen, build Health Union and 37% of the Recovery Found for the Green New Deal. The Great Reset is served!

“We have to build a health union”. Thus the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in her first speech on the state of the Union, at the Eurochamber in Brussels. “With Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Italian presidency of the G20 we will organize a global health summit in Italy to demonstrate that Europe is there to protect citizens”. Thus the president of the European Commission.

“The mission of the Green Deal – said von der Leyen – involves much more than cutting emissions, it is about creating a stronger world in which to live. We need to change the way we treat nature. This is why 37% of the Next Generation EU (Recovery Fund) will be spent on our Green deal goals.

"I listened to the reaction of the right," said von der Leyen, at the State of the Union address, in the part concerning migration. “I would say there is a fundamental difference in how the human is viewed on the right. Each person has his own dignity from wherever he comes from. The right has a different opinion. There are various types of human beings: them and us. They must be faced with hatred, but hatred has never given good advice ”.

“Everyone in the Union must have minimum wages. They work and the time has come for work to pay off ”, he added“ Europeans want to get out of this world of coronavirus, of this fragility, out of this uncertainty. They are ready for a change and are ready to move forward. This is the time for Europe to move away from this fragility and towards a new vitality ”.

“We will ensure that the money from the European Budget and Next Generation Eu (Recovery Fund) is spent with guarantees on the rule of law. This is not negotiable, ”he added.

In this regard we would like to report an article written by Davide Donateo for Database Italia who some time ago had already analyzed the future prospects and the great change coming.

The world has changed dramatically in the course of this orchestrated and intentional collapse of the global economy in order to launch what is effectively a "Great Reset" of global economies.

Over the course of several months, we have witnessed a deliberate economic disaster that has found fertile ground and taken root in the coronavirus pandemic. The main goal of a very influential power group was to create a new green world order , to achieve it they relied on the socialists who realized that their economic dreams were also collapsing. Consequently, this combined force is poised to change the world and the real agenda is the New Green Socialist Agenda .

At a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), global leaders from the United Nations, the United Kingdom, the United States, the International Monetary Fund and multinational corporations discussed and announced a plan to develop a "Great Recovery" of the entire world economy.

“We have a golden opportunity to grasp something good from this [COVID-19] crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves could make people more receptive to grand visions of change, ”said Prince Charles, one of the leaders of the event.

The purpose of the "Great Reset" is to use the coronavirus pandemic as a justification – participants have repeatedly indicated as an "opportunity" – to completely overhaul the entire global economy, including the US economy, to create a more "fair" world. and to combat climate change, which has repeatedly been identified as the world's next great "crisis".

In an article posted on the World Economic Forum website, WEF founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab said that “the world must act jointly and rapidly to renew all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and to working conditions ".

“Every country, from the US to China, must participate and every sector, from oil and gas to technology, must be transformed,” Schwab added. "In short, we need a big reset of capitalism."

Schwab was not alone in asking the world to "reset" capitalism. Countless leaders, many of whom hold incredibly influential positions in international governing bodies or foreign governments, have called for far-reaching economic changes that sound remarkably similar to Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal," except on a scale global.

Sharan Burrow, secretary general of the International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC), said we must use the current crisis to help "rebalance" the global economy.

"We need to design policies to align them with investments in people and the environment," Burrow said. "But above all, the long-term perspective concerns the rebalancing of economies".

Burrow then added: "We want to put an end to the profit mentality at all costs, because if we do not build an economic future within a sustainable framework in which we respect our planetary boundaries and the need to change our energy and technological systems. , we will not have a planet suitable for humans. "

Echoing these points, Antonio Guterres , Secretary General of the United Nations, called for the construction of "equal, inclusive and sustainable societies, which are more resilient in the face of pandemics and climate change".

Jennifer Morgan , executive director of Greenpeace International, said the world should use the current crisis to push "the reset button," similar to what happened after World War II, when Morgan says: "We have established a new world order ".

"We established a new world order after World War II," Morgan said. “We are now in a different world than we were then. We have to ask ourselves, what can we do differently? Also in this case the World Economic Forum has a great responsibility: to press the reset button and look for how to create well-being for people and for the Earth. "

Among the other speakers of the virtual forum asking for a "Great Recovery" there were Ma Jun, the president of Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Bank of China; Bernard Looney, CEO of BP; Ajay Banga, CEO of Mastercard; Bradford Smith, president of Microsoft; and Gina Gopinath, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund.

The WEF virtual event has announced the launch of the “Great Reset” of the world economy, but more specific deliberations will likely be proposed during the WEF meeting in Davos in January 2021, the theme of which will also be “The Great Reset”. The Davos event has been defined by the WEF as a "twin summit" which will include an in-person meeting of world leaders and a virtual meeting "connecting key global government and business leaders in Davos with a global network in 400 cities".

These lobby groups have embarrassed politicians and countries to implement quarantines, social distancing and have blocked the world population where NOTHING of this magnitude has ever happened in 2,000 years of history. The drasticity of the practices put in place to contain the "pandemic" has triggered a sovereign debt crisis that we never thought could happen as a deliberate act.

The cost of this large block is practically beyond comprehension. We are seeing people hoarding money all over the world. The extent and speed of the collapse of economic activity that followed is unlike anything we have experienced in our lives so far. However, the real trend that is starting to manifest itself is the collapse of public confidence. Now we are even starting to see rushes to banks to recover liquidity in China as well. So much so that the People's Bank of China has launched a strategic plan in Hebei Province that requires retail customers and businesses to pre-report any large withdrawals or deposits. They will expand this program in October to other provinces.

On a global scale, lenders around the world, including China, are facing a surge in bad credit following this major freeze . The world economy is facing a bad credit tsunami that will cause an economic recession / depression in 2022.

In China, too, the economic outlook has the slowest growth trend of the past four decades. Last year, China bailed out and even took over several troubled banks.

This cycle of sovereign debt crisis has created a world economic outlook that is just beyond ANYTHING we have seen in over 300 years. This is how empires, nations and city-states die .

Von der Leyen, build Health Union and 37% of the Recovery Found for the Green New Deal. The Great Reset is served! comes from Database Italia .

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