2022: the year of the election of the President of the Republic? No that of super bills …

2022 has arrived. What will Italians interest in this year that has just begun? The election of the President of the Republic is about to begin: within a few days the electors will meet and the electoral ballet will begin. The newspapers are already full of candidates and forecasts and in a week the TVs will alternate the cheerful bulletins on Covid, and on the failure of current policies, to the celebration of this or that contributes: Draghi, Prodi, Cartabia, the resurrection of Amato, these themes will fill the Talk Shows. You will see Mentana devote you non-stop, Rete 4 take a stand in favor of this or that candidate. We will have a small, monotonous, continuous scuffle.

And the Italians, who are only spectators of this game, what do they think? Will the victory of any of these candidates change anything for the Italians? We, in our humble opinion, really think not. All these official candidates, and even the unofficial ones nominated by the various media, are only the expression of a minority of undemocratic bureaucratic power. The election of one of these candidates will change nothing, or almost nothing, in the destiny of Italians and of Italy, humiliated in any case by external powers, crushed in their own democratic autonomy. Nothing will change in the country's path of decline.

There will instead be something that will immediately strike the Italians and that demonstrates how useless this self-referential bureaucratic class is: from tomorrow the cost of electricity will increase by 55% and that of gas by 41.6%. From tomorrow the Italians will either tighten the austerity belt. or they will be poor, much poorer. Yet it could go unnecessarily.

Our fathers, our grandparents, wanted two state-controlled entities to ensure abundant energy at fair prices. They wanted:

  • ENEL, a public state body, born from the nationalization of previous energy companies, precisely to provide abundant and convenient energy to the national industrial revolution;
  • ENI, born after the war from the genius of Enrico Mattei precisely to supply hydrocarbons, especially methane and oil, to Italy.

These entities were destroyed to meet the wishes of big business and the European Union. We have lost the ability to design our own national energy policy, which for 50 years we have done with a naturalness almost equal to the breath of a human being. Now they are suffocating us with absurd energy policies, and the result is that we have enormous costs accompanied by uncertainty of supplies. But France and Germany, thanks to the EU, can pursue their own objectives, even if absurd. Here's what Italians will be interested in in 2022: poverty caused by the choices of their bureaucrats. In the face of the power group that will sit at the Quirinale.

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