27.3% of Italians at risk of exclusion and poverty. And it was a pre-Covid assessment

Based on 2019 data, Eurostat has issued an assessment on poverty in Europe. we see the great successes of the Union: one in five Europeans is at risk of poverty and exclusion. If we consider Italy well over 27.3% of Italians are in a situation of poverty: more than one in four fellow citizens and well above the average of other countries. Let's see an explanatory graph of the situation:

Italy is the country with the largest number of poor people after Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Looking at our situation we could say that with 25 years of government under the leadership or influence of the PD, they have managed to reduce our nation to a country of the former Warsaw Pact. a great result.

Of course the Euro protected us. It has protected us so much that the two countries with less poverty do not have the Euro as their currency, indeed the Czech Republic has refused it.

Eurostat data refer to 2019, therefore before the Covid-19 emergency. The lockdown in March has dealt a big blow to our well-being, and the next lockdown, the looming one, will bring a second disaster. With the first Coldiretti he estimated a million more poor people. How many will the second add?

Eurostat has highlighted a dramatic situation for the Union and for Italy. However, rather than engaging in a social and income policy, the European corpus has decided that the priority is the Green Deal, that is, a policy that will increase costs for families and increase poverty. All logical, if we think of an undemocratic regime, led by an oligarchy, which has as its interest that of maximizing its power and wealth against a populace increasingly in poverty.

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