52% of Americans are unhappy with how Biden is dealing with the expensive bent. Instead the Italians are happy with how Draghi copes with expensive energy

More than half of the respondents in a Rasmussen poll rated President Biden's management of the US economy as "poor" and does not seem to accept Biden's explanation as to who is to blame for the rise in gasoline prices.

The President of the United States had blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and the oil companies for the increase in the price of fuel, and the official communication from the White House called it "Putin's Price Hike", "Putin's Price Hike" , but it seems that the Americans do not like this explanation.

Apparently, this is not enough for voters, according to the Rasmussen poll responses: Only 29% of voters believe that the oil companies are to blame for the rising cost of fuel and only 11% of the Russian President Putin. On the other hand, 52% of respondents believe that President Biden's policies are to blame.

The number of voters approving of Biden's handling of the economy jumped from 32% in December to 27% this month.

Meanwhile, 57% said the President's management of the economy was poor, up slightly from 55% in December.

Although modest in its sample of 1,000, the Rasmussen poll isn't the only one that indicates voter dissatisfaction with federal energy policies. An earlier poll this month, conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, suggested that President Biden's approval had dropped to 39%, nearly the lowest since he took office.

The President has been quite active in his attempts to contain fuel prices, but so far nothing has had a lasting effect. Among the measures taken so far have been the planned sale of a total of 180 million barrels of crude oil from the strategic oil reserve, calls and threats to the oil industry to pump more, and calls for the refining industry to refine. moreover.

In a recent letter to the oil industry, Biden wrote that he was "ready to use all reasonable and appropriate tools of the federal government and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and production in the short term." Finally, it seems that Biden is deciding to follow the European countries and lower taxes on his fuel, in an attempt to lower its prices. The problem is that he does not understand that the problem is essentially on the supply side, too low for the “Green” constraints.

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