60 MILLION PATENTED CABLES. The government’s unclear idea to get us vaccinated

Repubblica reveals that the government and the "Vaccine Commissioner" had a brilliant idea, or an unhealthy one: the vaccine will give the right to a "P atentino" to be authorized to circulate freely, otherwise it is cloistered for life. However, the vaccine does not necessarily work for everyone, also because no vaccine, starting from Pfizer, which should be the first, to AstraZeneca, Moderna, Russian Sputnik, guarantees 100% coverage.

So the government on the one hand is ready to keep riotous Italians locked up at home, who knows for how long, while on the other hand it has decided to use them all as guinea pigs: in fact "If one vaccine does not develop immunity, another will be injected vial". Another vial? And of which vaccine, with what criteria? How do you choose it? What if there are no vaccines available?

Something is wrong: many doctors are not convinced by the obligation to vaccinate products so little tested. Crisanti, which until yesterday was used as an anti Zaia hammer, today is no longer called by anyone because he is not enthusiastic about the vaccine. I will personally vaccinate myself, also because I am a bit fatalistic, but I would like to choose between several vaccines, on the basis of contraindications, effectiveness and characteristics. This however is not known by the Government. Also are we SURE that injecting two different vaccines will not cause unwanted effects? Or will we find out only later, ex post?

The problem is precisely this: the Conte government and the incapable Minister Speranza plan to use 60 million Italians as guinea pigs. The interjections between the various vaccines we will certainly discover ex post, on the skin of those for whom the first vaccine was not effective. Calculating the first vaccination wave should cover 1,700,000 people and that the greatest effectiveness so far declared is 95% we will have 85,000 people, at best, who will be inoculated with two different vials. A large enough sample to understand if something is wrong, but let's not tell the candidates: maybe they might be angry that they were the subject of a mass experiment "In corpore vili". After all, Italy has been pursuing a poor medicine for 30 years, made up of many vaccines and few treatments. The best result of the European Union

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