70,000 migrants besiege Italy. The “Pull” effect, attraction, of the Italian justice system and of the Conte II government

Today's truth confronts us with a very harsh reality regarding illegal immigration: we risk being invaded by 70,000 migrants.

The bill made by the newspaper is very simple: on the one hand we have 20,000 illegal immigrants who would like to enter from the Eastern regions and who are blocked for the moment especially from Slovenia, a block that is still "viable", and the protests by the governor of Friuli Fredriga. On the other hand, the simple mathematics: up to 24 February 4157 illegal migrants landed in Italy, compared to 2341 last year. Practically the landings have doubled in number, so if we continue on these numbers the 34,000 landed last year will become about 70,000 in 2021. A good record, considering that the landings at 24 February 2019 (yellow-green government) were only 262 .

Why these results? Simply because it is convenient: the judgments of the Italian justice system, always in favor of illegal immigrants, combined with the new legislation required by the reform of the "Security Decrees" issued by the last government of the Conte II government make entry into Italy incredibly convenient. Anyone who spends a few thousand dollars to enter Europe is almost sure not to be sent back: the Conte II decree leaves so many opportunities for protection status that very few can be sent back. Then the Court of Rome put his burden on us by sanctioning the non-expulsion of an immigrant who entered from Slovenia.

It does not go out, and there is no way out. The confirmation of the Lamorgese does not leave, for now, great prospects for change. Molteni will have to fight hard to bring some common sense to the Ministry of the Interior. So, in the midst of an epidemic crisis, we also find ourselves managing a migratory one that did not want us and that the Italians did not want and which, among other things, presents us as the soft underbelly of the European Union, a land without law and without norms. Shouldn't we deserve something better?

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