A reshuffle! As expected, Renzi’s was a farce. In the midst of a disaster, they make fun of Italians

In the end, the mountain of words, controversy and discussion is giving birth to the usual squalid mouse. All the macho controversy between Renzi and Conte will almost certainly lead to the most laughable result in history. THE RIMPASTINO.

There are two solutions on the horizon:

  • the leaders inside as ministers, which means seeing the direct entry of Renzi and Zingaretti to the government, or of people at the top, given that Zingaretti must continue his misrule activity in Lazio. In this case it would be replaced by the real dominus of the PD, Franceschini, but with a heavy (internal?) Ministry;
  • a shuffling of papers, with Maria Elena Boschi to transport, Virginia Raggi to equal opportunities and some other aesthetic retouching. A bit of Ammuina, to show that the Government is alive, or at least thinks it still is.

A solution that is somewhat reminiscent of the one that Mussolini thought of proposing in the Grand Council of 25/7/1943, that is, a reshuffle to get by, all in the midst of a devastating and lost war. Today we are in the midst of a devastating and lost war, not against the virus, but against the economic devastation brought about by the government's economic measures, but nothing has changed and Conte plans to get away with appointing Badoglio minister.

In the end it will be a round of armchairs, while in Italy there are suicides, bankruptcies, desperation, four million Italians starving, and rampant misery. All in the midst of a continuous war of the European institutions, and of the elites, against the Italian people. Renzi has shown his true nature, for the umpteenth time: the selfish vain unable to think beyond his own ego. All our fellow citizens are paying.

PS, then there is also the Forza Italia card …

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