An extreme… protest in France: CGT workers help bakers manipulate light meters…

In France, the protest, born out of the government's desire to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, is spreading and taking the form of a wider revolt against all the current distortions.

In Marseille, the workers of CGT Energie, the general confederation of labour, the French CGIL, of the energy sector, have decided to help small bakers to manipulate and distort the electricity meters. In practice they modify them to ensure that consumption is registered as subsidized, with a reduction in costs from 50% to 60%, and this in response to the increase in energy costs, exorbitant even in France for small companies, which risks to shut down these small family businesses. Here is the video in which the initiative is presented;

In this way, the workers of the CGT want to show their closeness to small businesses which are seen in any case as part of the opposition to big capital and the government, especially on the issue of extending the working age. Among other things, the workers know very well that they are committing an illegal act, but which they believe is right. Obviously an extreme gesture that risks leading to energy chaos.

There is a big difference between the French CGT and the Italian CGIL, which instead remained in the sacred war against VAT numbers in the name of big capital.

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