And Verhofstadt gets away with it again: the European Parliament grants him immunity for insulting Salvini

When Parliament can enjoy the benevolent acquiescence of the majority, it can afford to say everything, legitimate and illegitimate even in a harsh way, knowing that you can get away with it.

The well-known hyper-European deputy Verhofstadt, known for verbal duels, bordering on personal offense, with Nigel Farage, and an enemy of anyone who democratically represents his people, on the occasion of the opening of the investigation into Salvini for the Gregoretti case, stated that the judiciary should also have investigated the money paid by the Russians to Salvini himself. This led to a criminal complaint by the Lega leader at the Trento prosecutor's office, which asked for authorization to proceed to the Brussels Parliament.

Since Verhofstadt is the coconut of Von Der Leyen and its majority, parliament rejected the request for authorization to proceed 572 to 108, stating that the claims had been made “In the fulfillment of its institutional activity. So you can easily slander, even heavily, as long as it is against a political party.

Alessandra Basso, who took care of the matter for the ID group, was extremely tough on the matter:

“Guy Verhofstadt slanders Matteo Salvini with insults and falsehoods, but then he doesn't even have the courage to answer his own words, it's shameful. As for the left in Italy, also in Europe two weights and two measures are valid: in a shameful tweet, Verhofstadt called for a trial for Salvini in the Gregoretti case and launched unfounded and defamatory accusations ”.
“Political controversy, even on fire, is one thing
are defamations and completely unfounded accusations,
unacceptable. While Matteo Salvini faced the process
Gregoretti with his head held high, with the pronunciation of non-place a
proceed and full acquittal, Guy Verhofstadt, in front of
a criminal proceeding opened by the Trento public prosecutor's office on his
affirmations, runs away and invokes immunity
parliamentarian – continues the note -. Here is yet another case of
double standard, here is the difference between those who, like Salvini, have the
courage of their actions and who, cowardly, do not
assumes responsibility for its statements "

In the meantime, however, Verhofstadt got away with it …………

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