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Arrest warrants for fugitive Texas Democratic deputies. Don’t go crazy with Texas

Eventually it was issued: The President of the Texas Senate issued the civil arrest warrant for the fugitive Lone Star State deputies. A measure that takes the confrontation with the republican majority to a new level.

Let's summarize the issue of the dispute: the legislative assemblies of Texas, with a republican majority, want to approve a reform of the electoral system that makes it mandatory to check the identity of voters, which is normal in Europe, but in the USA it is not foreseen and which has led to to suspicions, or events, of fraud. The Democrats, however, strongly opposed the measure, and, to prevent it from being approved, not having a majority, they all took a private plane and fled to Washington, under the protection of Biden and Pelosi.

But we must not joke with the Texans and this "Civil Arrest Order" has started; previously blocked by a Texan judge, whose sentence was canceled by the State Supreme Court, the order authorizes the parliamentary quaestors to go to the rebel deputies and senators and order their presence, also threatening the arrest, the real one, if they don't come to obey.

At this point the choice for Democratic MPs will be to go back to parliament or go to jail, and they are more likely to choose the first option, obtorto neck. This is because they are counting on the Washington parliament to pass a law that makes it illegal to check personal identity in voting, outlawing the state law of Texas. In short, all are tried, with the excuse of the fight against discrimination, in order not to have correct elections.

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