Artificial Intelligence: the UN wants a world moratorium

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle De Bachelet , calls for action by the affiliated countries to suspend the development of Artificial Intelligence tools, at least until the limits and its controllability are clear and it is not possible to protect rights. personal.

The call from the High Commissioner came when his office, the OHCHR, released a report analyzing how artificial intelligence affects people's right to privacy and other rights, including the rights to health, education. freedom of movement, freedom of peaceful assembly and association and freedom of expression.

The document includes an assessment of profiling, automated decision making and other machine learning technologies.

The situation is "terrible" said Tim Engelhardt, head of human rights, Rule of Law and Democracy Section, who spoke on Wednesday at the launch of the report in Geneva and over time the situation has not improved but worsened.

While welcoming "the European Union agreement to strengthen control rules" and "the growth of international voluntary commitments and accountability mechanisms", he warned that "we do not think we have a solution in the next year, but the first steps they have to be taken now or many people in the world will pay a high price ”.

OHCHR's Director of Thematic Engagement, Peggy Hicks, added to Engelhardt's warning, saying that “it is not about the risks in the future, but about the reality of today. Without far-reaching changes, the damage will multiply with scale and speed and we will not know the extent of the problem ”.

On the one hand, the UN always speaks in ultimate, apocalyptic tones, as it has done for thirty years on climate issues. On the other hand, it is not the first alarm cry raised on this issue: Stephen Hawkings already raised the alarm on the dangers posed by thinking machines, to the point of reaching the extinction of the human race. Other scientists have raised similar alarms, and the danger of humanity's extinction may come not only from "Terminator" scenarios, but more simply from man's economic obsolescence or the reduction of his intellectual abilities due to an excess of delegation in decision-making processes. All dangers that the development of AI has not yet managed to cancel, but which really risk undermining the future of the human species.

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