At this point we ask those who go on TV for their blood sugar. Bagnai and the Merlin attack

Alberto Bagnai goes on TV to Myrta Merlino, the ex-wife of Arcuri, and is stormed to have the vaccine “Confiteor” recited and admit to being vaccinated or not. Bagnai refuses to confess, putting her in front of the choice of whether to be sent to that country or simply not to see an answer because the vaccine is not mandatory. But she insists, and she is joined by Minzolini, who, once a liberal, has joined the others …

The right answer in this case would have been "but don't you ask me if I'm vaccinated for hepatitis A?" (infectious) or "But he does not ask me for my triglycerides and cholesterol" (heart disease) "He does not ask me for my weight / height ratio" ( 57,000 deaths from obesity in Italy). Not to mention the "Excuse me, are you HIV positive?" (HIV 6.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants)

Good listening and thanks to Inreverente

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