Austria is negotiating directly with Putin the purchase of Sputnik V. “European Soldiarity” stops in Vienna, even earlier

Sebastian Kurz e Vladimir Putin

As reported by numerous press organs, some also in Italian, the Austrian Chancellor Kurz called Russian President Putin to find an agreement on the import of the Russian "Sputnik V" vaccine in Austria and therefore, possibly, for its local production. . The official news comes directly from the Kremlin website .

"The contrast to the spread of coronavirus infection has been discussed in detail, including the possibility of supplying the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Austria, as well as setting up its joint production," the statement said. official.

The Russian vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center and registered by the Russian Ministry of Health on 11 August 2020, was the world's first registered coronavirus vaccine. Subsequently to this the Russians have registered two other vaccines of which the third is now finishing the third test phase. The effectiveness of the Sputnik vaccine was confirmed by research published in the Lancet , which confirmed that it is capable of producing immunity in 91.6% of cases. 37 countries, with one billion inhabitants, have now approved the use of Sputnik, including San Marino.

This phone call marks the total and absolute failure of the “Unity and solidarity policy” on vaccines wanted by the Commission and revealed itself frankly, and tragically, to fail. Faced with the total inability to supply a necessary and adequate quantity of vaccines demonstrated by Von Der Leyen, countries now go ahead in no particular order , trying to supply themselves wherever there are valid solutions and first of all in Russia, where development has begun. prim. At this point, the EMA and the commission should step aside and let individual countries accelerate their vaccine research activities as much as possible, as well as set themselves the future goal of no longer interfering in emergencies.

PS: who still cares about Navalny now?

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