Wasted youth … or rather, wasted adolescence. The kids who yesterday set fire to a long line of mopeds in the center of Florence, in front of everyone, in one of the most crowded streets for the Saturday afternoon "rub" were less than 14 years old. Black shirt and petrol tank, a different way to feel cooler, or perhaps a delinquent idea to get out of boredom or to get noticed by the whole city, causing damage to the surrounding historic buildings.

I had just come down from the terrace of the building owned by the historic Gondi family, one of the oldest historic houses in the city, where I had accompanied Vittorio Sgarbi to enjoy the most beautiful view of Florence. An enchanting, inaccessible place, a wonderful view over the rooftops of Florence, with a view of all the city's monuments. Those who visit it feel privileged and cannot forget, among other things, a treasure of superb beauty: a small window that opens revealing, framed like a painting, the Brunelleschi's Dome, symbol of your culture, our ingenuity and our identity.

The intense blue of yesterday's sky and the September air that made Florence stand out in all its splendor were not enough to make this little barbarians desist from their mad gesture, children of insensitivity, apathy and boredom that result in absurd and violent behavior. Did it really have to smear that clear sky, was it necessary to offend an entire city, overshadowing it with a fetid and unhealthy cloud?
A mother did well to report her child. Now exemplary punishments.

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