Bagnai: “A government with balsa feet, inventor of a false story”

The government's narrative is that of the best of all possible worlds: they have done a lot, when in reality no one believes them even in Europe, indeed they make fun of them; “Many billions, no projects”, write the Germans. this distorted, wrong vision transforms everything into ideology: one must not be good, but “feel good”; we must not be just, but "justiceists"; and one must not be European, but "European". But if all goes well, then why not go to the vote. Even Von Der Leyen admits that there are problems in the European rules, which contain spending, but in Italy it goes on as if it were the best of all possible worlds.

In the meantime, we have returned to the 1998 GDP, but already in 2019 it had stopped at those of 2003, so there was an ongoing economic failure for some time. Public investments, which averaged 44 billion euros from the 1990s to 2011, are now back to 28 billion euros, the 1978 figure.

These reckless cuts are the children of MM's economic policy, which was the author of an epochal failure. The rules made since 2012 should be changed, complete with the rewriting of the stability pact. However, these requests for less austerity were actually all rejected, and the European policy of cuts and taxes continues. because the pro-European major is not listened to by anyone.

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