Because they say DogECoin will collapse on May 8th

On Scenari we have always called for the utmost caution regarding GoddEcOin, but recently the collapse would have a date, indeed almost an hour: May 8, or rather almost 9, European time.

Meanwhile, the currency is practically at its highest.

What will happen on May 8th? Elon Musk will make an appearance on the famous US TV show, "Saturday Night Live". At this point Elon Musk, who in the past had strongly supported DogEcoin, so much so that he was called "The father" of cryptocurrency. Why DogECoin has become his passion is not known, but it is suspected: many think that behind one of the large holders, "Hodler" of the coin, there is him who, given the growth in value. After all, with a growth in value of 7500% in one year, those who had even small quantities, became rich.

DogECoin currently capitalizes on $ 82 billion, 8 billion over the value of Space X, the Musk company that recently successfully tested SpaceX and sent a man into space. Obviously it is all a speculative push that tried to bring the Coin, born as a joke in 2013, to one dollar, but it did not get there. Now it is feared that, once the wait for Musk at SNL is over, it will all end in a soap bubble. Exhausted the wait, exhausted the interest.

We'll see who was right on May 9th …

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