Benotti and Arcuri: Porro’s interesting transmission creates new doubts

Yesterday there was a very interesting interview with Mario Benotti in Nicola Porro's transmission to Quarta Repubblica who, for better or for worse, really opened a new front in the famous investigation into the masks sold through a brokerage of 72 million euros and with very high prices.

Benotti defended himself well, very well indeed. In the end he appears to be very nice, but the strong doubts remain:

  • However, Benotti has direct and personal contact with Arcuri. However, he knew in a privileged way of Arcuri's need for masks;
  • It is absolutely not clear why Benotti's offer was preferred to other, more convenient, from third sources;
  • Benotti claims to have been informed of investigations on his count by Arcuri, who would have informed him by "Fonti di Palazzo Chigi". These can only be sources of the Secret Service.

In the end, obviously Benotti defends himself, and Arcuri, from corruption charges, and he does very well. God forbid and Benotti appears almost transparent, but the fact remains that all the expensive research of the masks appears really not very transparent. In this case, we are faced with a case of great superficiality of the civil protection structure, which should at least be investigated, if only to avoid future damage. It seems incredible that there is no list of official suppliers, even for emergencies, to be activated in the face of any unexpected event. Yet it is so and I am touching it with vaccines: no one knows exactly how to behave and only the new government is working with Farmindustria, the business association of the sector, to get answers on who can or cannot produce. vaccines. Is it possible that no one has thought of it in a year?

We wish Benotti to come out clean, and it probably will. The questions, more than him, must involve an entire system that, frankly, did not work in the emergency.

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