Biden’s scandals: Burisma and his intrigues are more than confirmed

Remember the Biden-Burisma scandal? When the video came out where Joe Biden was blocking $ 1 billion in US loan guarantees if the country's chief prosecutor Victor Shokin hadn't been fired, the mass media (Washington Post and New York Times in the lead) rushed. to cover up the former vice president – "exposing" claims that Biden's quid-pro-quo had something to do with the fact that Shokin was investigating Burisma ", the Ukrainian energy company that hired Hunter Biden to be part, lavishly paid, of its board of directors.

The Washington Post wrote, "Shokin's dismissal was universally solicited by benefactors of Ukraine" for Shokin's corruption. Too bad that Shokin's successor, Yiuri Lutsenko, stated in a deposition in January 2019 that Shokin is "Honest", while Shokin claimed that Burisma founder Nikolay Zlochevsky had hired Hunter Biden and his associate Devon Archer only "To protect himself" .

Now, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a new email has surfaced from Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer exposing a series of "deliverables" he sought for the company.

In an email dated November 2, 2015, Pozharskyi told Biden and Archer that he wanted “senior US officials to express their positive opinion on Burisma. '"

"The purpose of the work should also include organizing a visit to Ukraine by a number of widely recognized and influential current and / or former US policymakers in November," Pozharskyi wrote, adding that the goal was "to bring a positive signal / message and support on the issue of Nikolay to the above-mentioned Ukrainian officials with the ultimate aim of closing for any cases / lawsuits against Nikolay in Ukraine “.

Here is another smoking gun: other than "Corruption of Shokin", there was direct pressure from the Burisma on Hunter Biden and Devon Harcher to move their political contacts among the Democrats and take out Shokin, who had become too cumbersome .

Here's the story as told on Fox News:

And here we are at a single email. while Giuliani promises several others in the coming days. We will see some good ones, and nothing is decided for the elections.

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