Bill gates invests in nuclear power: pilot reactor in small Wyoming town in crisis

Gates has decided and will have their first prototype reactor built in rural Wyoming. Kemmerer is a quaint town that looks like it came out of an old photograph, with delicate hills, but out of the heavy traffic flows. Little known, it has a rural lifestyle that also depends on coal mining, which makes it a fairly large railway hub, close to a frozen river in winter and excellent for fishing. However, coal is destined to decay and therefore, from almost nothing, here comes TerraPower, the nuclear investment company of Gates, which decides to build its own prototype of an innovative nuclear reactor. The imminent closure of the coal mine quickly overcame all local political opposition.

TerraPower's idea is to create a modular, small-sized reactor with 345 megawatt / h of power, which may even reach 500,000 megawatts, but which is simple, easy to maintain and build and safer than those in use, which in any case, even in the USA, are more than 25 years old. So the Kemmerer reactor will be innovative and will take up a technology used in nuclear reactors of submarines. liquid sodium cooling. This metal boils at a much higher temperature than water and solidifies at well above room temperature, TerraPower says its relatively small 345 megawatt plant, capable of powering around 345,000 homes, will be safe and less expensive than power plants. water-cooled conventional nuclear power plants. The company's Natrium plant will use a simpler, less expensive system of non-pressurized coolant and non-electricity dependent vents to stop fission during an emergency. The technology has been tested since 2016 in Russia, so it is not an absolute novelty.

TerraPower plans to integrate the plant with a molten salt “Battery” which will allow the production power to be increased very quickly without touching the reactor, in order to cope with the known shortcomings of renewable energy, linked to the lack of continuity.

So Bill Gates goes nuclear too. all the green revolution, wanted by those who manage it, does not make the world greener: it simply shuffles the cards of power, redistributing power from one side to another. The one now with the money. Among other things, by forcing the closure of coal it is easy to convince local communities to accept a nuclear reactor.

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