BRIATORE: MY EXPERIENCE WITH COVID-19. Phobias should not be fed

Flavio Briatore talks about his experience with Covid-19. The well-known entrepreneur talks about the disease, which can be cured by relying on doctors, for which one can feel sick for a few days, but which, if treated, is a less serious pneumonia than many others. So you have to take care as necessary, take precautions, but you also have to restart the country, which is now firm and fragile also due to a feeling of war that, in reality, does not exist. We must work to rebuild an Italy which is economically broken, and the attacks, often bad and envious, it has received are also linked to the desire to hide the true situation of Italy and the disasters carried out by the government. So here is the scapegoat, or rather the means of mass distraction, perfect, Briatore, attacked in an ungenerous way together with Santanchè who took care of him. All to hide the superficiality and unpreparedness of the government.

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